Palate Cleanser: Liebster Award, Book Club, Why I Blog

Once upon a Monday evening I wrote a controversial blog post and somehow got over 10 times my usual number of readers.  Ten times, people.  I was scared as hell to hit publish, but everyone, even those who disagreed with me, have been very charitable.  So thank you all for that.  I love that charity and kindness can reign, even in a heated and difficult topic.  I love you all, but especially those of you who disagree with me!  😀

But, wait!  I said palate cleanser!  So let’s do a few fun things instead of anything heavy, mmmmm’kay?


Zeke: dressed as a cheetah. ???

First up: Liebster Award!

Amanda has nominated me for an award!  It’s verrrrry prestigious and not at all like chain mail {winkwink} so let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Are you a morning or night person?

Night owl.  Scary, scary night owl.  I’ve been known to stay up alllllll night just for a good book or a complicated blog post.  I used to say that it was because I needed less sleep than others, but now I will admit that it’s because I may have some closet introverted tendencies that require some {gasp!} quiet time away from my kids.  Don’t take my extrovert card!  And don’t tell the judge-y parents!

2. What are your morning routines like?

The kids wake up before I do, and I shoo them to the kitchen to eat a piece of fruit while I desperately try to squeeze in a few extra minutes.  When they won’t be satisfied any longer (usually about 7:30) I get up, make the bed (thank you, Flylady!), make breakfast, empty the dishwasher, check email/Facebook, etc.  The kids do their morning routines while I do that, usually with a lot of nagging from me.  Then we all sit down to breakfast.  After breakfast, I clean up, get dressed, do my morning prayer and then we start school. Phew, I’m exhausted already.

Proof that I shouldn't have to nag them.  (But I still do.)

Proof that I shouldn’t have to nag them. (But I still do.)

3. What’s your favorite snack for yourself?

This is really difficult to answer because I love snacks.  A loooooooot.  One that springs to mind is goat cheese and crackers.  Homemade popcorn with butter and salt is yummy, too.  But just ask my sis-in-law Vanessa: if it’s a snack, I’ll pretty much eat it and enjoy it no matter what.

4. What’s your favorite snack to give to your kiddos?

My favorite thing to serve my kids is blueberry “ice cream.”  Basically frozen blueberries and milk (preferably raw) blended together.  The kids think they’re getting a treat and I feel great about feeding them fruit plus (raw) milk!  I feel like one of those Kix commericials from way back!  In fact, I think tomorrow will be blueberry ice cream and crepes for breakfast.

5. Favorite thing to bake in the Fall or Winter?

In Korea it was the changing/falling leaves.  I miss that so much.  Here in California, I’ll settle for Not Scorching Hot Every Day.  #buhbyesummer #dontletthedoorhityou

Edited to add: Uh, wow.  I cannot believe I read that so very incorrectly, even after proofreading.  My favorite thing to bake in fall/winter is any bread item.  I’m pretty bad at bread on a regular basis, but fall brings out the homemaker in me.

6. Favorite dinner to make during the Fall or Winter?

Butternut squash soup, or homemade Caldo de Pollo (Mexican-style chicken soup).  Yummmmmmmm.

7. What do you miss about your college years? 

Staying up late.  Oh wait, I still do that.  Seeing my girlfriends every day, I suppose.  Now sometimes it’s a year between our gatherings.  I miss those crazy women.  You know who you are.

8. What’s your favorite way to love your spouse?

Listen to him and  laugh with him.  Kevin has the greatest sense of humor, and he can make me laugh all day long.  And I think he likes making me laugh.  Babe?  (It’s possible I just made this all about me.)

9. What’s your favorite way to love your parents?

Visits home, now that we live close enough to do so regularly.  My whole family loves to stay up late and talk/debate politics and religion.  It’s the best.

10. Do you have a note perpetually covering your doorbell telling people to not ring your doorbell in case there’s a child napping? If not, do you love your doorbell? 

I do not have a note, but I absolutely detest our doorbell.  I’m pretty sensitive to loud noises.  The only people who ring it are my kids, though, as a joke.  So it’s not that big of a deal.  When the baby is here, though…  I’m reminded that in Korea, we had the most obnoxious doorbell/intercom/I’ve-fallen-and-I-can’t-get-up-bathroom-alarm.  Nothing really compares to that.

Fun!  Thanks for tagging me, Amanda!  I’m totally going to cheat and wait until Friday (Quick Takes) to write my own questions and tag anyone.  I’ve got chores left to do tonight.  Yikes!


Part deux!  Why I blog.

Christina‘s tagged me to write about why I blog.  It’s a worthwhile thing to reflect on, I believe.  But please forgive me if I don’t get tooooo deep.  I’ve spent a lot of brainpower on writing this week, so I only have so much to give (and perhaps you can only take so much)!

1. What am I writing?

Homeschooling stuff. Catholic stuff.  Family stuff.  Books and Reading stuff.  Photography stuff, although not nearly enough photography lately.  I’m really kind of a smattering of a lot of different things. I believe someone called my genre a “lifestyle blog.”  I guess I’d agree, minus the “style” part.  I’m sorely lacking that.

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I guess if I had to compare myself to other Catholic homeschooling moms (is that my genre?), I’d say my work differs by being funnier and smarter than the rest.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Oh, man.  I could not even keep a straight face while typing that.

No, but seriously.  I don’t really understand my genre, so this question is difficult.  I think I’d agree with Christina that we’re all unique, with various gifts and talents, so my writing would reflect that.

3. Why do I write what I write?

It depends.  Sometimes I really feel called/led to write something.  Those are the scariest posts, but also the most rewarding.  Other times I want to connect with people on a friendship level.  Those are probably the most fun posts I write.  Still other times I feel like I SHOULD write something because it’s been x # of days, etc.  These are my least favorite posts because I feel like it’s obvious when my heart isn’t in something.  But overall I really enjoy writing, so I do it because it’s enjoyable for me and a way to express myself to other adults after a day spent with barely literate minions minors.

My oldest minion on her birthday.

My oldest minion on her birthday.

4. How does my writing process work?

Once again, it depends.  Sometimes I sit and stare at the computer for 30 minutes before I know what I want to say.  Other times I’m composing in my head all day long and then I bang it out on the keyboard after the kids are in bed.  The only common factor is that 99.9% of the time, I write at night, and 99.8% of the time I write and publish all in one night.  Rarely do I sit and wait on a post.  If I do, I usually end up just moving on to a new topic.  (I don’t have a very long attention span.)

Thanks again to Christina for nominating me!  Once again, I’m going to cheat and wait until Friday to nominate some other bloggers for this blog hop.  Thanks for understanding!

Stella Maris Book Club update:

Stella Maris Book Club

Tonight on Facebook we had an awesome yet intimate discussion on My Sisters the Saints.  I’m sorry I didn’t post first here.  {FAIL!}  If you’re not already a member of the Facebook group, do you want to consider joining?  Click here and request to join.  I’ll add you in a flash.

Here are the questions we discussed on Facebook.  You can answer them in the FB group, in the comments below, in an email to me, or just in your own head.  🙂  Or not at all!

1. What was your overall feeling about the book? Awesome, meh, or dislike? If you care to, please share why in the comments.

2. Who was the saint that you identified most with in the book? Were any new to you?

3. Were you ever away from the Church? If so, what led you back? If not, why do you think that was?

4. Have you experienced mental disease or illness in your family? How was it dealt with? How did Colleen’s experience with her father compare to your experience?

5. If you have suggestions for future book discussions (timing, format, anything at all!) please share them with me!  I really want to accommodate as many people as possible.

Finally, have you started Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy, our October book?  I started it last night and am really enjoying it.

My newest (only?) DIY project.  Excited and skeered about this one.  Maybe Cari will move to California to help me?

My newest (only?) DIY project. Excited and skeered about this one. Maybe Cari will move to California to help me?


  1. Yay, I’m not the only doorbell detester! There was a time I loved them. There was something romantic and whimsical about them. The ringing throughout the house. The stopping to go invite a guest into your home. The surprise. etc. Then came naptime accompanied with my yap-tastic pup. And that whimsy was ovaaa real quick. Loved your share! Thanks for playing 🙂 I know it’s not everyone’s thing, but I felt the love in you joining 😀 Prayers for a good weekend! And, hopefully I’ll get to your controversial post this weekend. I have it opened in my browser to return to! I love your posts, both the light ones, the thoughtful ones, and all in between!.
    Amanda recently posted…A Little Glimpse into our Home – Fall EditionMy Profile

  2. We have a doorbell button on the outside but it doesn’t actually *connect* to anything, so people get super-confused and I keep meaning to make a sign that says “Doorbell doesn’t work” or something but then… I don’t, because I think it keeps the *wrong* people away, and the right people know that they should just knock! Doorbells are the WORST!
    Rosie recently posted…Eyeliner, A Book, Candy, A Toy, and Bread {Five Favorites}My Profile