Mr. T, All the Time

Yesterday Jen made my week by sharing this post.  As per usual, it’s funny from start to finish, but what really made my day was the Mr. T tweet at the end.

I had something else planned for today’s Quick Takes, but Mr. T is literally going to steal the show.  This brief video has so many levels of awesome that it couldn’t just be one take.  Oh, no, friends.  Mr. T gets them all.  All the takes.


First off, the tweet that started this whole madness.

Mr. T on Twitter?  Are you flippin’ kidding me?  I pity the fools who didn’t follow him immediately!


Now, you must watch this video.

Betcha didn’t know that this gold-bedecked gruff bear of a man made forays into music, did you?  And especially that he made a video that taught a lesson as tender as this? Be still, my tone-deaf heart..  


Let’s begin our video analysis with the obvious, shall we?

Hello 1980’s clothing! Too short shorts, too bright prints, too tight everything. Oh fashion of my childhood: You were terrible then and you are terrible now. But somehow you are so terrible that you are – dare I say it?- lovely! (Only as a memory, though. You’d better stay away from my freshly organized closet.)


Right off the bat, you know this video was pre-political-correctness thanks to the two kids who start it off. These kids (is she even  kid?  did kids look like they were 40 in the 80’s?  I feel like every 80’s movie portrayed them that way) shout increasingly offensive things to each other until Mr. T steps in… At the mention of “Mom.” 

Not fat. Not skinny. Not ugly. Mom.


Best. Back up singers. Ever. Seriously. Watch it again and focus solely on their moves. Out of sync and so very… mom-ish, if I do say so myself.


OK, a rap that includes an acrostic?  Really?  My favorite line: “M is for the moans and the miserable groans from the pain that she felt on the day that I was bone (born)?”

Really?  Just, wow.


No 80’s artistic video endeavor would be complete without a montage.  And the ones in this video… well, they just combine all the best things about it.

But my favorite moment is the very last second: “Be somebody.”

OK, now it’s your turn.  What was your favorite part of Treat Your Mother Right?

All done commenting, hmmmm?  Okay, now I give you permission to head over to Jen’s for more Quick Takes.  I have to warn you, though.  They may not have any Mr. T.


  1. Great find! We thought we were stylish back then, oh my!
    I worried a little watching Mr.T, he didn’t look like he took a breath the whole song.

  2. How have I never seen this before, best line: “When you put down one mother, you’re putting down mothers all over the world.” Beautiful.

    He is actually an amazing man, here is what he said about giving up his gold after Katrina:

    “As a Christian, when I saw other people lose their lives and their land and property… I felt that it would be a sin before God for me to continue wearing my gold.

    “I felt it would be unnecessary and disrespectful to the people who lost everything, so I stopped wearing my gold.”

    • Rebekah, you (and Mr. T) just made my night. Again. I saw a photo of him recently without the gold and I realized I hadn’t seen it in quite awhile, but I didn’t know the back story. Good for him!

  3. Wow. Just. WOW. What is the context of this clip, do you know? Was it on a children’s show or something? My favorite part is how serious he is while singing (“singing”?). He’s not being sarcastic, or making a mockery of it. He is straight up, legit singing this song about how awesome his mom and all moms are.

    • Ha! Just asked the friend who showed it to me years ago. He reminded me that it’s from a special called “Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool” by Mr. T. It also includes a song by a young Bobby Brown on peer pressure. That song was filmed on- wait for it- a pier. Worth a look.

  4. Oh my word. I think I have the same haircut as the middle backup singer. Help me now.

  5. Hands down, those camo short shorts are my favorite part of the video, Although the sweatband hairdo from the last few seconds is pretty incredible, too. What a gem!