Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Etc., Etc., Etc

Mother’s Day Gifts!  They can be cheesy, they can be expensive, they can be last minute.  OR, you can choose one of the three worthy causes below and your gifts  can steal Mom’s heart.  Meaningful, cost-effective, and beautiful?  Mom expects nothing less from her favorite child, amiright?

And no, I get nothing from this promo except that my dear hubby, an unsurpassed gift-giver in his own right, will see my list ahead of time.  (Hi honey!  I love you! wink wink!)


I bought one of these t-shirts the last time Sevenly helped Reece’s Rainbow fund raise and it is of excellent quality.  The tee I got is comfy and soft and the designs are inspiring.  Buying one of these t-shirts will help a child with special needs find their forever family.  What a way to honor mothers everywhere, right?  There are lots of options, and even ones without designs!  And for the love of Mother’s Day, DON’T WAIT!  Their fundraising only lasts a couple more days!


Connected in Hope is an incredible organization.  Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things recently featured them which is how I first came to covet these incredible scarves.  They’ve helped Ethiopian women gain financial independence and security through the weaving of these gorgeous scarves.  My personal favorite (ahem, Kevin) is the Infinity Multi-colored Micro Stripe, but really, they are all lovely.  Check them out!


Not a t-shirt or scarf gal?  How about a bag, then?  Better yet, how about a bag, coffee, and a book?  Methinks, yes please!  The MOB Society is offering these lovely bags (also available in blue) along with some Avodah coffee and the book Hope for a Weary Mom by Brooke McGlothlin.  Profits benefit women seeking to find their way out of working in the sex industry.  Here’s another one you’d better jump on, though!  There are only 250 sets available.  Order now!
Do you have any thoughtful Mother’s Day gift suggestions?  Leave links or ideas in the comment boxes below.


If you like quinoa, red peppers, and goat cheese, I’ve got a recipe for you.
It’s been awhile since I was this impressed with a new recipe.  Do it.


Do you or anyone you know T-Tapp?  Looking for people who’ve tried to it to give me a basic review.


My heart is hurting for all those people in West, TX and Boston, MA.  Lord, have mercy and spare them pain.


Gabriel: Mommy, why are you teaching a birth class?  (Staring at my stomach.  Thanks a lot, buddy.  Eyes up top.)
Me: Because this couple is getting ready for their baby to be born.
Gabriel:  Oh. (Pause) We already have a baby.  Ezekiel is our baby.  (Pause) But I want a little baby.  Like Siena’s size.  (My 10 month old niece)
(And just in case you’re wondering, NO that was not a pregnancy announcement, Lisa Koch!  Just a funny thing my three year old said.  Can’t say I disagree with him much, though.  :))

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  1. Yes! I love quinoa, red pepper, and goat cheese. I’m making this today.

  2. I love the gift suggestions! Awesome.

  3. Great suggestions! I am heading over to check out #1 right now! 🙂

  4. You have an incredibly delicate tact about these things 😉

  5. I T-Tapp…love the program and highly recommend it. You can do to their website and “try before you buy”. T-tapp is the only exercise video I’ve actually been able to get into.

  6. Great mother’s day gift ideas! 🙂

  7. The gift I want most for Mother’s Day (or any day, for that matter!) is a nap and release from responsibilities. Gotta figure out how to package those things up…

  8. Thanks for the Connected in Hope shout out, Micaela! Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!