Long Time, No Takes!

It’s been so long since I’ve written any Quick Takes!  I’ve got a whole bunch of randomness for you today, though so hopefully that will make up for it.


Bedtime Blows

You know you are doing bedtime wrong when your kids are less like a sleepy passel of itty bitty wion cubs weady to sweep, and more like a drunken horde at a honky-tonk bar fighting for control of the jukebox.  Or worse yet, heckling the semi-professional singing entertainer of the night

“Sing She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain.  No, not like dat. LOUDER!  I can’t hear you. Don’t forget [the verse about] 6 white horses!!!”

“Come on, sing I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad, won’t you?  It’s my favorite!!  But you have to sing it with the noises!  Don’t forget to choo choo!  …  WHY DIDN’T YOU CHOO CHOO???!!!”

“NO!  Do not sing Amazing Grace/You Are My Sunshine/Love You Forever!!!” [Unspoken meaning: “I know those soft songs will actually put me to sleep, so don’t even think about it, lady.”]

I have so many ways in which I know I am doing bedtime wrong, I honestly think I could make a meme series or a recurring post about it.  Hmmmm…

(Please note: I mostly enjoy singing to my kids and lying with them while they go to sleep.  Kevin and I trade off every other night now, so I get “nights off” and it works out fine.  Some nights are nuts, of course, but we really do enjoy that last half an hour with our kids, so don’t feel like this is a cry for help or anything.  🙂 )


North Korean Kids Are Better Than You

As if it were even a question, because, you know… the Supreme Leader and all…

I’m a failure as an individual, and as a parent.  You?  Do your kids playing synchronized classical guitar yet? No?  Well then…


More Proof I am a Terrible Parent

Cari’s got me all excited for Thanksgiving, thanks to her Turkey-Day recipe linky-dinky.  Tonight I was quizzing the kids about what types of Thanksgiving foods I should prepare and enter.   Gianna started salivating over memories of stuffing,  far and away the family favorite.  “With gravy, though,” she insisted.  “Stuffing is better with gravy.”

“What is gravy?” asked sweet little nearly 4 year old Gabriel.   Honestly it took a minute to register what he said.  (I may have passed out from the shock, who knows?)  By the time I came to, the girls were shrieking in indignation and insisting he MUST have had gravy before.  But his blank eyes told the whole story.  Nowhere in his steel trap of a mind is there a reference for gravy.

That’s it, friends.  Paleo has got to go.  It’s apparently ruining my son’s childhood, and that’s taking it one step too far.  I draw the line at gravy.


Speaking of Cari…

Oh, so you’re tired of me rambling on about Cari’s new book Pope Awesome?  Oh, really?  Well, fine.  Buy the book, read it, and then tell me what you think about it.  Only then I will stop talking about it.*

Here is the review I posted on Amazon because even though I love it, I am laaaaaaaazzzzzyyyy and why re-invent the wheel?

I’ve been reading Cari’s blog for about 2 years now. (If you haven’t found it yet, you really must.) She’s funny and insightful, and the stories she shares there have often ended with me in tears. Tears of side-splitting laughter, tears of profound joy, tears of been-there-done-that camaraderie. This book is no exception.

Cari GETS it. She gets life, she gets motherhood, she gets comedy. Most importantly, she gets so much about the spiritual world that many of us cradle Catholics take for granted (or flat out ignore). I was handed the gift of faith as an infant, and although I’ve had my struggles coming to terms with Catholicism’s teachings, I’ve never had to question too hard or look too deep; the truth was always close at hand. Donaldson, on the other hand, had to peel away layer after layer of what society had given her as a belief-system to find the core meaning of her existence and her relationship with God. And she did it with a tenacity that would shame the rest of us, if she were not so gracious and so. dang. funny.

If you’re a Catholic, read this book. It will make you proud to be so. If you or someone you know is considering converting to Catholicism, I also highly recommend this book. It’s a great look at the thought process many converts go through, but in a highly readable format.

*I’m kidding of course.  I will eventually stop talking about it.  But you should definitely do yourself a favor and read it.


Gabe- and Zeke-isms, part deux

I had so much fun writing Monday’s post about the funny things the boys have been saying lately.  That night they came up with one more, so I had to share.

We were lying down in their bed with the lights off.  I think the girls were already fast asleep, God bless them.  Gabriel sniffed and whimpered a bit, sad that it was my turn to put him to sleep instead of Daddy.

Me: You really love Daddy, don’t you?
Gabe: I love Daddy so much.  I miss him when he has to go to work.  He is really nice.  I like when he plays with me.  Oh, I just love him so much!  He is so strong, he can protect me from anybody.  And he has huge muscles!  
Zeke (not to be outdone in love for Daddy):  And-and-and-and him have… Him have a bootie!
(Giggles all around.)



Halloween/All Saints Day Costumes

We are taking a break from “Mom forces us to wear saints costumes to prove how Catholic she is” this year.  (What?  I may be obnoxious, but at least I know it.)  A couple weeks ago we got word that a local kids’ consignment shop had 2 huge racks of costumes available.  The girls and I hightailed it over there during Sunday naptime and picked up some gems.  Gems, I tell you!  Bonus: all the costumes were half off!

Gianna picked out a handmade, perfectly exquisite “Belle” costume for $4.99!  We’re turning it into Glinda the Good Witch for Halloween and then one of the princess/ladies of court saints for All Saints Day.  So far the saint of choice is St. Brigid of Sweden.  Aliya picked out a fairy costume from mismatched pieces (wings, a cute top, and an adorable bright blue tutu/skirt.  Her costume was a bit more expensive because of the tutu/skirt, but still rang in at under $20.  The tutu has already gotten hours of use, so I’m okay with it.  She’ll re-use last year’s St. Elizabeth of Hungary costume for All Saints Day.  Gabriel will be a pirate and Zeke will be a cowboy, each for under $5!  Not sure about their saints costumes yet, but we’ll probably just make it work with something we’ve got buried in the dress-up box.

Oh!  This reminds me that a couple years ago, an acquaintance of ours told the girls that Halloween was “the devil’s birthday,” and that only “Satan worshipers celebrate it.”  Um, NO.  That kind of ignorance drives me so nuts.

What’s your take on Halloween?



Creativity in Baby Photography

A couple of friends posted this on Facebook and it blew me away.  For a couple of reasons.  First, the mom is so incredibly artistic and this is such a wonderful artform (bye bye, Anne Geddes).  Secondly, who has a baby that sleeps through all of that?  I seriously want to watch a video of her placing the baby in one of these photos.  She could have a side-job as the Baby Whisperer #2.

Click on the image to see the whole series.

Click on over to Jen @ Conversion Diary oops! I mean Cari @ Clan Donaldson for more Quick Takes!

P.S. I didn’t know Cari was hosting this week, pinky promise!


  1. Wow #7 is amazing! I also do not have babies who would sleep through something like that. But I love that she seems to use stuff she’s got around the house to make all the backgrounds. There’s a flower made of white athletic socks!
    Kendra recently posted…Naysayers Gonna Naysay: 7 Quick Takes XXIMy Profile

    • I know! If you look at all the pieces there really do seem to be a lot of” household items” used. (Is it just me or is that term used very loosely when looking for a craft online?) The snake in the snake charmer photo is a belt!

  2. I could barely make it past your first take. “drunken horde at a honky-tonk bar fighting for control of the jukebox”!! Oh my gosh!
    Years ago, while visiting family in Texas, I watched all the little cousins who were visiting an aunt. It was well past bedtime, and I was growing alarmed that no adult was making them little nests on the floor to sleep in. When I passive-aggressively made some comment about “kids being bears in the morning after staying up with so much excitement”, I was told, “Oh, we just let them wander around until the pass out.”

    So chin up! There’s always someone doing it worse than we are!
    (and thank you for the review. It was so good!)
    Cari recently posted…Seven Quick TakesMy Profile

  3. All of these make me feel wonderful about life, other than that not having a Supreme Leader has made me a bad parent. I love Zeke!
    Rebekah Es recently posted…In Search of WMy Profile

    • You and me both, sister. This kid is killing me with cuteness these days. Of course, he’s also taking apart our rental home, brick by brick, but somehow I can’t seem to kick him out. Thank God for cute babies.

  4. We do Halloween and All Saints Day same as you, in that we celebrate both…because we’re all about double-dipping in the candy. LOL

    I find that last piciture a bit creepy. I mean, I’ve seen her other photos before and they are cute and creative (and amazing how she gets her baby to sleep)…but the ghost one is creepy, because I’m just superstitious enough to be freaked out by that and having known people who’ve lost babies,

    • Amelia, I never thought of it that way! Oh, I hope no one was offended. I purely selected it for the Halloween aspect. I’ve lost 2 babies, but I never think of them as “ghosts” so it didn’t even occur to me.

  5. My child never slept that way for me. Rumor has it he sleeps that way at his Gunkles when DH and I aren’t around…I do LOVE LOVE the pictures though.
    Hannah recently posted…7 QT, 2013.31My Profile

    • Yes, my kids sleep, eat, and act better with grandparents than when they are here. It used to annoy me, but now I just thank God they do. It gives me some free time!

  6. Half price halloween costumes are the best! Now I kinda want to be Glinda the good witch. I remember years where my mom made us only wear saint costumes trick or treating…really led to some awkward door knocking. But a hilarious memory now!

    And that is a great review of Cari’s book!

  7. What a great set of Quick Takes! I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, but I like it better than I used to. Costuming just makes me tired, mostly.

    As for the Korean kids…the head bobbing is what really gets me! Is there such a thing as “lip sync” in guitar? 🙂
    Kathleen Basi recently posted…A Redhead, The Avengers, and other QTsMy Profile

    • Thanks, Kathleen. That head-bobbing was super creepy, right? And their smiles. I just want topoick them up and tell them it’s going to be okay. They don’t have to try so hard.

  8. Ohhh man that video is amazing! And I’m with Kathleen, the head bobbing is totally the creepiest! I’m gonna show this to my guitar students, they’ll totally get a kick out of it. My other music director colleagues and I were just talking about Asian performing ensembles and how eerie their performances are because all their mannerisms are exactly the same even in choir, band, and orchestra!!!
    Rosie recently posted…7 Quick Takes: I really never have an actual title for these…My Profile