Instagram, the Assumption, and a Fundraiser Reminder

Just a few thoughts as we wrap up the week.

1. Instagram: my favorite social media

Oh, IG, how I love thee.  Let me count the ways.
Thou dost not provoke political discussions.
When my children watch over my shoulder, I fear no repercussions.
With your pretty filters and simple format,
You make this wanna-be-photographer’s heart go pitter-pat.
Or something like that.  


Want someone new to follow?  My college housemate Dan lives with his lovely wife, 3 kids, and a cat in an Airstream.  They travel the country visiting various National Parks, while he works from “home,” wherever that may be that day.  His photos are stunning, and inspiring, and I’m not sure if they’re good for my wanderlust or make it worse.  Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.  But I’m not going to stop now.  You can’t make me.

Go check out his pages HERE and HERE. Oh, and if you don’t already follow me, you can do that HERE.

You’re welcome.

2. Help Save Rose

Tomorrow night (Saturday) is the benefit for Rose that I talked about last week.  I know that some of you already donated, and bless your sweet sweet hearts.  If you need a gentle reminder, this is it!  Faraway friends: you can donate online at Help Save Rose.  Local friends, you can come to the dinner and pay at the door ($10 for adults and $7 for kids under 12).  There will be 2 magicians, live music, food and drinks.  Come one, come all!  (Details are also on the Help Save Rose website.

Rose H


3. Zeke’s Glasses Drama

Uuuuuuuugh.  I wish I could go back 8 months and slap myself out of choosing the glasses I did.  We’ve had to replace the frames 5 TIMES, and only once was it Zeke’s fault.  Every other time the glue on the hinges has dried out and the arms just come loose and eventually fall off.  So, we get about 3 weeks of glasses that fit, and then a couple weeks of electrical tape jury-rigging, and then I finally take them in and get them replaced.  So far, all I’ve had to pay is shipping for the new frames, but it is super frustrating.  Why, oh WHY didn’t I go to the children’s optometrist in the first place?!

Why, Mama?  Why?

Why, Mama? Why?

Now we’re in negotiations with the manufacturer to get our money refunded so we can buy a different pair entirely.  A pair that will, God willing, have longer than a 3 week shelf life.  (I know, my standards are too high.)

4. PicMonkey

I broke down and signed up for the Royale subscription to PicMonkey (photo editing software) today.  I’ve used iPiccy happily for months, but there were a few things I didn’t like about it.  Namely certain limitations, like the fact that you had to use the same font throughout a text box.  I know, I know, it’s petty.  But I do enough editing of photos that I justified it, at least to myself.  You can see my first two projects above (Zeke, adorable but not super impressive editing) and down in #7 (Feast of the Assumption).  What say you?

5. Pray for Iraq

You guys, I don’t want to be a downer, but I honestly don’t think there has been an event in my life that has affected me as much as this genocide in Iraq.  That’s not to minimize other evil events, just that somehow this one is really touching me, deep down in my core.  I watched this video of a rescue of some refugees and I bawled.  Just out and out sobbed.  When I think about it, I continue to get choked up.  The Vatican is issuing a whole lot of statements on this topic, and we must all continue to pray fervently, and without ceasing, for an end to this violence.  Here is the statement from the Pontifical Council on the violence in Iraq.

Christ Jesus, have mercy on these refugees.  Turn the hearts of their persecutors, give solace to the lost and mourning, and bring peace to their wartorn country.

6.  Dutch Baby recipe

After that heavy topic, let me give you a little something delicious to chew on.  A literal palate cleanser, I suppose.


Dutch Babies (ramekins optional)

4 eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup flour
1 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 425.  Put 1 tsp of butter in each of 5 ramekins, place the ramekins on a cookie sheet and place it all it in the oven while it preheats.  In a blender, combine all the other ingredients.  Once the butter is bubbling, divide the batter between the ramekins and place back in the oven.  Bake for 12-15 minutes, until puffy and golden.

Top with powdered sugar (or make a simple syrup from frozen blueberries, water and sugar) and serve immediately.  Except the ramekins are reeeally hot, so maybe wait just a few minutes.

7.  Feast of the Assumption

Today is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Since the Catholic view on Mary can be very troubling for Protestants, and I have quite a few Protestant friends, I’m including a thorough and faithful explanation about what we do believe in regards to the two most controversial doctrines: The Immaculate Conception and the Assumption.  It’s a pretty quick read, so I hope you’ll take time to look it over.

And all you Catholics out there, get thee to Mass today!  It’s a Holy Day of Obligation!  Your Mama loves you, and she loves when you go to Mass.



Now go visit Jen Fulwiler, author and event planner extraordinaire, for more Quick Takes.




  1. 3 weeks for a pair of glasses?! That’s ridiculous. My 11 year old has worn glasses for 2 years now and they have yet to break. We just ordered a new pair for school because his head is growing and the other ones look too small. Good luck getting your money back!
    Beth (A Mom’s Life) recently posted…If you give a bored stay at home mom a giant basil bush…My Profile

  2. Love your feast of the Assumption photo. Beautiful! I’ve been tempted to upgrade, but I think I should focus on getting my photo life organized first!
    Amanda recently posted…Little tasks and donutsMy Profile

  3. What’s interesting about instagram, and I don’t want this to send you on a wild goose chase for drama, is that there IS drama in some places! I started following the Duggars on instagram and I can’t read the comments on any of their posts because people start getting into insane religious fights and it’s ridiculous! I imagine a lot of celebrity instagram accounts are like that… But yeah, I really like that there’s no drama between actual friends, maybe because it’s a phone thing and it’s harder to argue about stuff when you’re not typing at a computer?
    Rosie recently posted…Random Sunday Ramblings {and WIWS}My Profile

    • You know, as I read this, I remembered a comment on Jim Gaffigan’s IG that made a reference to his weight. Just straight up called him fat, and not in a nice way. So yeah, I guess there IS drama on IG. I’ll try to avoid it.