Ikea, Dog Bites, and Friendships


Soooo, I got bitten by a dog yesterday.  It was a very strange experience.  I was hurrying next to our hedge to get in the van when around the corner comes a woman and her dog (on a leash).  We almost bumped into each other and I think my peasant skirt (required uniform for a Holistic Moms meeting- kidding!) startled her dog.  He jumped and bit me through my skirt.

A dog bite

Just that small bruise in the middle of my calf. Only shared because I don’t want my mama to worry.

Shocked and in pain, I said to her, “Your dog bit me!”  I lifted my skirt but all I could see was some scratched skin.  She apologized and then introduced herself, pointing down the street to her red fence, mentioning my landlord by name, asking about our kids and professions, and telling me about hers.  Throughout the conversation (because I am hyper-averse to confrontation) I smiled and bore the annoying pain of the dog bite while wondering if a) I need to skip my Holistic Moms meeting and go to the nearest emergency room for a rabies shot, b) whether it would be rude to look at my leg again to see if it’s bleeding yet, and c) hmmm, will this grandmotherly type be interested in babysitting my kids?  (At my house and sans rabid dog, of course.  I’m not that desperate.)

I am weird and socially awkward.  I know.



I was whining about my chaotic life and unplanned school year the other day, so it felt very productive to put this together tonight.

A ikea shelf 1

It’s from Ikea and I love love love it.  It’s going to be my new homeschool shelf, which will hopefully help me break out of my planning/chaos funk.  One thing I’m excited about: the multi-colored drawers.  I think it will be helpful to tell the kids, “Oh, the pencils are in the blue drawer, and the crayons are in the green one.”  Handy, no?


Of course, Ikea being what it is and me being who I am, I couldn’t not share this next pic with you.  It’s the same shot as the one above, only taken from about 6 feet further back.

A Ikea shelf 2

Before you go all:

“I’m going to call child protective services on you because that is a HAMMER and LETTER OPENER and chokeable PLASTIC and SCREWS all over your floor!  Good heavens, is that a glass of WHISKEY on top of the new cabinet?!”

Let me just say:

“It’s 1 a.m.  There are no children around.  And I’m absolutely positive the whiskey was the first direction in the Ikea instruction manual.”


I am having technology problems.  Big ones.  Yesterday, out of the clear blue sky, my new iPad (8 months old) went all psychadelic on me.  The colors are really trippy and all those photos you post on Facebook?  Well, they look like Jackson Pollack met Vinnie Van Gogh and they were IUI (Instagram-ing Under the Influence).

The good news is that I Googled the problem and came up with a very advanced way to fix it.  I nicknamed the repair, “The Fonz.” Can you guess?  You are right.  I have to hit my iPad.  Hard.  More than once.  And then the screen just magically goes back to semi-normal.  I’m happy it worked because hitting my precious iPad causes me actual physical pain in my heart.


Tech Problem #2: My new phone took a dive in le commode.  (According to Google that’s not how you say toilet in French.  But you knew I meant “toilet” right? Grrrreat.)

You can thank Zeke for this one.  Scratch that.  You can thank me, because my parenting skills are so top notch that I will do practically anything to keep him sitting on the toilet if it means potty training him for the third and final time.

Let’s do a little math, shall we?

1 toddler + a regular sized toilet + an expensive phone = %$#@*^^E$%

(The phone is currently drying out in a bag of rice.  Any other suggestions?)


Last weekend I spent Saturday through Sunday with my college roommates.  I was hesitant to leave Kevin alone for so long (I always am) but I made it happen and it was necessary and so… good.  It was massages and wine and sitting by a pool and laughing and laughing and laughing.  But most of all it was a very diverse group of women who still really love each other and respect each other and accept each other in the way we are supposed to do it.  So so so good.

It was exactly what my heart needed.  I have a lot more to say about friendships (a whole post perhaps?) but this is a quick take, so that’s all for now.


Oh!  Except I have to give props to Kevin again because not only was I gone for the night, but he dealt with a late night emergency trip to the ER for 2 staples to the back for Gabe’s head.  Props, buddy.  Mad props.


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That’s all I’ve got, friends.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  head on over to Jen and visit the Quick Takes Crew, wouldja?



  1. Yay ~ beautiful IKEA shelf
    Boo ~ dog bite
    Joy recently posted…Theme Thursday ~ StatueMy Profile

  2. Oh goodness, yes, I think those would have been the very thoughts running through my head right after a dog bite. Right down to wondering if she would babysit my kids. You are just so lovable!!!!!!!!!

    Well, what happened to Gabe’s head? And do you really drink whisky from plastic kiddie cups? And I love your floor…so Cali!
    Rebekah Es recently posted…Babies, Bull Sharks and Bad Guys: Seven Quick TakesMy Profile

    • Gabe’s head: the kids were roughhousing, and a sister who shall remain nameless inadvertently kicked him off our king size bed. He cracked his head open on the windowsill, I think.
      Micaela recently posted…Ikea, Dog Bites, and FriendshipsMy Profile

    • Confession: I don’t drink whiskey. But hubby does a bit and his was left on the shelf. They’re actually not kiddie cups, although the kids use them all the time. They’re adorable “summer” cups that came in a variety of colors.

      I think you’re pretty lovable yourself.
      Micaela recently posted…Ikea, Dog Bites, and FriendshipsMy Profile

  3. Dog bite…yikes!! That’s crazy…at least the owner sounds nice. I think those same thoughts would be running through my head as well

    And, girls weekends are so much fun!! Good friends are so important..yay for that!’

    Those Ikea shelves look cool..yes, that will definitely make things more organized.
    Amelia recently posted…7 Quick Takes Friday….I’m calm, I’m cool…I’m collectedMy Profile

  4. Put your phone on your dashboard with the windows rolled up! The heat will help dry up the phone. Or blow-dry it if you don’t feel safe leaving it in the car. My phone fell in le commode and after blowing it dry (for about 20 mins) and leaving it in rice overnight, the only lingering problem is that only one of the speakers works.

    Good luck mama!

  5. Dog bite–yikes! Hope they will confirm the rabies shot for you.

    Yea for old friends! I’m so glad you had that weekend away. I just visited with a college housemate, and it was soul-refreshing.

    And, I’m sorry about your phone!! My hubby has taken two into water before, and nothing worked for us. I wish you better luck!
    Catherine recently posted…7 Quick Takes Friday: Road Trip EditionMy Profile

  6. Good luck with the organization scheme. I’m good at designing them; poor at maintaining them.
    RAnn recently posted…Kindle Freebie: Just JoeMy Profile