Halloween Quick Takes, plus link-ups

1. Weather.

How lame is it that I’m starting my quick takes with one about the weather?  Teeerrrrrrrible, I know.  But do you know what?  It is RAINING outside.  Real, legit rain that actually sounds like it may be flooding our back porch and I could not be happier.  Honestly, I could not.  If you aren’t from California, you may think this is  me bragging about the weather, but I promise, it’s not.  This is me thanking God for the first bit of precipitation in what feels like forever.

Today I wore a long-sleeeved shirt, jeans and boots to the park.  Not only was this the first non flip-flop day in about 8 months, but I was even a teensy bit chilly.

I may survive this pregnancy after all.

Me, pregnant:


Dude.  I do not, as a general rule, post photos of myself here.  And I especially do not post pictures of myself looking like a very round house.  So you must realize that in order for me to share this, I had to be completely stoked about my friend Janine sending me this amazing hand-painted costume.  Ignore the lint all over me, and the many chins.  I wore this shirt all day, and at trick-or-treat time, I added the leggings.  So comfy and fun.  Thanks, Janine!

2. I am eating my kids’ candy.

This isn’t news to any parent anywhere, but I am having major flashbacks.  The last time I wore a costume on Halloween, I got sick.  As in, a major stomach illness that threw me into labor with Gabriel.

Around 10 pm on Halloween, 5 years ago, I put away the girls’ candy and and went to bed.  A couple hours later I woke up and… was sick… all night long.  The very next evening (while Kevin was in the throes of his own GI issues) I went into labor.  It was the best labor and delivery I’ve had (I apologize to all my other children for the day you read this) and I can’t help wishing it would just be easy like that again.

Minus the vomit, of course.

3. Is it Friday yet?

What a week, riiiiiight?  Okay maybe it’s just me.  I’m in major nesting mode: staying up late and checking things off of my ridiculously interminable to-do list.

Like taking this pile of pre-pregnancy, early-pregnancy, and late-pregnancy clothes:

A photo posted by Micaela Darr (@micaela_darr) on

dumping them on my bed, sorting them, tossing out a garbage bag full, and storing the stuff that doesn’t fit.  And now my closet looks like this {warning: awful photo ahead}:   SONY DSCAnd now I feel like I can breathe again.  Did I mention I did this to the kids clothes too?  I love this freedom.  It’s not exactly a capsule wardrobe, but I’m linking up with Kendra anyway.

4. All Saints Costumes

Speaking of Kendra, and Halloween/All Saints, we had our park day All Saints Carnival today.  The kids get up and say a few sentences about their chosen saint and all the other kids have to try and guess who they are.  It’s one of my favorite annual homeschool events.   Oh, you want to see which saints we chose?  Twist my arm.


St. George was dipping into his candy early.


St. Michael was pretty cheerful after he cast Lucifer out of heaven. Oh, and also: birthday weekend and candy.


St. Kateri Tekakwitha was also Pocahontas for trick-or-treating.


St. Cecilia was a last minute costume change. We couldn’t find the perfect dress for St. Philomena, so we decided a wig and a guitar would do fine for St. Cecilia.


5. Halloween Costumes

I really tried to do the “two-fer” costumes that Kendra recommended because it does seem to be a smart way to do things if you’re going to be making/buying costumes for both Halloween and All Saints.  I had only mediocre success with this technique, however.

-St. Michael went as a knight (same costume, minus the wings).  Success.


-St. Kateri went as Pocahontas (same costume, minus the rosary and crucifix). Success.



-St. George was really tired of his costume by trick-or-treating time, so he just wore the tunic.  And shorts. Fail.



-St. Cecilia became a witch with a completely different (thrifted) costume. Fail 

I suppose I could be annoyed by it all, since a lot of planning was undone by last minute changes, but I chose to (uncharacteristically) easy-going this year.  Gosh, that was nice.  

I love this crazy bunch. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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6. Crack: Theme Thursday

Since Cari always says we can do what we want, I’m throwing in some photos of pumpkin carving for this week’s Theme Thursday.





Nice cracks, eh?  Check out Cari for more.

7. Dresser rehab complete!

A couple weeks ago I asked you for advice about what to do with an old dresser/hutch in order to make it usable as baby clothes/diaper storage.  Y’all came through in a big way.  This is what came out of it.

This is what the whole thing looks like...

This is what the whole thing looks like…

...but we will only be using the bottom part for now.

…but we’ll only be using the bottom part for now.

 What do you think?  I like it a lot, even if it didn’t turn out, color-wise, exactly how I was planning it.  Hey, look!  It even has a crack from where I nailed it back together!  More crack!  I put some baskets down below for clothes and diapers and we are pretty much set for la bambina.  37 weeks (aka full term) this coming Tuesday.  Bring it on.

That’s all, folks.  Head on over to Conversion Diary for more QT.


  1. I loved these quick takes so much! I love your saintly costumes! Your kids are so adorable… but you already knew that 🙂
    And you look gorgeous. Seriously. (the shirt is super cute too!) Hope these last few weeks of pregnancy go well and that you feel as great as you look!
    Happy All Saints Day!
    Theresa @ OrdinaryLovely recently posted…Happiness. Lately. October 2014 (vol 5)My Profile

  2. Michaela, I’m TOTALLY feeling this post! Right down to the nesting (I SOOooooo want to nest and it’s hard to find balance when I’m on restricted activity and see the ka-ka-ka-zillion things that need to be done before these two pumpkins show up. Isn’t it funny how it all feels super “pressing” right now, like it REALLY needs to be done… like NOW!) You are seriously THE cutest little skeleton(s) evah! I really wanted a shirt with two little pumpkins on it and that never happened… which is ok… cause I never left the house. Your kids costumes looked phenomenal, by the way. Though St. Cecilia is prob my fave because she just looks super cool! As for the weather, I’m so happy it’s a little cooler for you. I was just saying how I truly believe God planned mine down to the end part being during Fall (thank GOD!) I didn’t realize we were SO close to each other! I’m 37 weeks on Thurs and you’re 37weeks on Tues? Amazing! Will be thinking of you and praying for you until that babe is in your arms. How’re you feeling? We need an “update” post on your pregnancy! 😉 Ok, your diaper changing table??? AWESOME job!!! CAme out so good! What a great find (and thank you for letting me live vicariously through you 😉

  3. I am cackling at that shirt!!! So funny!!!!! I wish I had one of those this year!!!!!
    Jamie recently posted…TwoMy Profile

  4. You look beautiful!
    Annery recently posted…WIWSMy Profile


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