Googling myself, and other midnight ramblings

1. I’m blogging on my iPad. This probably means nothing to you, except that it will result in a much shorter blog post. To me it means the simplest blogging task becomes infinitely tedious. #firstworldproblems

2. Hey! That might be fun! I’m gonna hashtag each of the Quick Takes. Have I ever mentioned my love for hashtags? I adore them. Wanna know why? No? Well. It’s my blog and I’m talking, so listen up anyway. Or skim, whatever floats your boat.

Hashtags are fun because you can use them to express funny ideas in a really quick way. Categorize content? Nah, I hardly ever use them for that. More often, I make up my own hashtags just to be silly. I think my all-time favorite was very early in my (now nonexistent) Twitter career when Dwija and I were just joking and joking and joking about something and I took it too far and came up with “#beatingadeadhorseforlaughs.” Seriously, if you ever see someone using that hashtag (#notlikely) then slap a copyright on that because I’m preeeeeeetty sure I was the first.

3. I’m a night owl, as evidenced by every single post getting published at night/wee morning. But last night I was up super late with a little post on why we use uniforms in our homeschool.

Listen, I do not recommend blogging at 50% brain capacity. What I thought was going to be a silly little piece about “how cute my kids are and here’s a great place to buy uniforms” ended up being vehehehehehery confusing for some of my friends/readers. I’m tempted to go back and do a re-write, but then again, a little combox humility never hurt me, so I’ll probably just leave it. Also, #lazy.

I just want to add one thing that I should have stated at the outset: I’m not an advocate for uniforms. I’m an advocate for doing what works for you. In our family, uniforms cut out a whole lot of drama, so for the time being, we’re sticking with them. But if your family does school in your pajamas, all the power to you. There’s room for all kinds of people ’round these parts. #nodramaforyomama

4. Google Myself: Theme Thursday

Cari’s at it again, and this week is not only fun, it’s easy-peasy too. Instructions: Google images of yourself. Choose the very first one that pops up and slap it in a blog post. Bonus: take a screen shot of the remaining photos and slap that in there too. #dontreallyslapyourcomputer #thatwouldbedumb



 It kind of seems like cheating, because Google took this first image directly from my Pinterest profile, but fine, I guess.  I found the screen shots much more interesting.




photo 1

#Phillipines #SouthKorea #BigBear #socal #wevebeenalotofplaces


photo 2

#tbt with my baby sisters #thatsabishoprightthere


photo 3

#weirdkoreanfood #babyzeke



Two things strike me from this Google search.  A) I have a lot of photos on the internet.  B) My family is adorable.  Hey Cari, see me and my buddy J-L up there?  Give him a hug for me.

5. Can I get serious for a minute?  I’m begging for prayers for some friends of ours.  They have been trying to get pregnant for almost a decade and after several miscarriages announced two weeks ago that they were expecting.  Today, at their 14 week appointment, they found out they lost this baby too.  They are beyond devastated, although their faith remains unshaken.  Will you please pray for P & S?  I would be so grateful.

6. We’re almost done with our first week of school.  So far, so good.  Gabriel is quite the eager beaver with school, and the girls are hanging in there too.  I, on the other hand, am exhausted. Today I made myself coffee at 8 a.m.  I didn’t drink a sip of it until 5.  Not because I didn’t want to, but because every time I wandered in the kitchen to get it, my brain was too foggy to remember what I was doing.  #midnightbloggingproblems

7. I’m kind of losing steam here.  Again with the midnight blogging. #willIeverlearn #probablynot


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  1. 4. I don’t think people were confused, I think they just disagreed with you. 🙂 Which is allowed. I thought your post was written with a very ecumenical spirit. (Can I apply that to uniform/non-uniform camps? Looks like I just did.) #girlyoudon’tknowcomboxdrama
    Kendra recently posted…In Which there are Seven Free Printable Prayers and so many other things . . .My Profile

    • Yes, and no. Yes several people disagreed (and I’m fine with that), but I also skipped a whole lot of explanations. Like *why* the uniforms help with sensory issues, for example. Just a classic case of, “The story took place in my mind but I neglected to share it well.” And guuuurl, I know my combox problems ain’t got nothin’ on yours. #notjealousatall #thinskinned

  2. #becauseIhaveteenagers I read each of your hashtags with their teenagey attitude. #canthelpit #lol

    Praying for your friends!
    Mary recently posted…Theme Thursday – google imageMy Profile

  3. Didn’t see the comments on the uniform thing until you just mentioned them. I agree with Kendra. People just disagree. That’s OK. My SIL always had uniforms for her kids to wear if they were ever leaving the house for an appointment or a field trip during the normal school day so that people would think her kids were private schoolers not homeschoolers. That totally boggled my mind because we both live in Texas which is incredibly homeschooling friendly. But she had moved here from North Carolina where people are all up in everyone’s child rearing business and was still a little scarred from that. So, while it never made sense to me, it totally provided peace in her world.
    Charlotte recently posted…Theme Thursday: Google MeMy Profile

    • That’s funny, Charlotte. I was homeschooled for a couple years growing up and we were the ONLY HSers that we knew of. We spent a lot of time at home, and I wonder if my mom was worried about that. And can I just say, Texas homeschooling laws are the bomb-diggity!

  4. Praying for your friends!
    Beth (A Mom’s Life) recently posted…Is that Owen Wilson wearing my kid’s gym shirt??My Profile

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your friends’ miscarriage. How devastating! I will pray for them right now.
    Catherine recently posted…WWRW: Shakespeare & The Secret GardenMy Profile

  6. How are you? We are nice.We miss your family.we hope we meet again.Don’t forget my family.