Flying, Moving, Lagging


Moving is crazy.  Flying with children is crazy.  It’s all so crazy, but the wonderfulness of this week has been a boon and a blessing.  Gorgeous weather, hours and hours by and in the pool, and days packed with family and friend gatherings.


Jet Lag, however.  Jet lag and I are ENEMIES.  I foolishly thought I had outfoxed her…  but her wily ways got me in the end.


Night 1: 12 hours of nearly continuous night sleep.

Night 2: 10 hours of nearly continuous sleep.

Day 3:  feeling cocky, we make plans to stay overnight with our best friends and have a night of kids playing, and us enjoying their superb backyard and the incredible So Cal weather.

Night 3: Three+ hours of midnight crying… That was me, because the kids were awake and crying.  No fun, no hanging out with friends.  Just payback for 2 nights of sleep.

Nights 4, 5, and 6 have been better, but you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t rejoice just yet.  Jet Lag may hear me and come back for vengeance.

But I promised you some fun from the last week, so here goes.


In Korea, the underwear stores (of which there are many) always have mannequins with (ugly as sin) matching undies for him and her.  Not remotely appealing in my book, but there’s no accounting for taste or culture differences.  However, apparently the trend of matching clothes with your partner is much bigger than I thought.  The subjects of the next few photos brought me hours (okay, an hour) of amusement and distraction from the impending trip.


Let’s start out by playing Where’s Waldo in the Daegu Airport, shall we?  How many matching couples can you find in this photo?



In this one, you can only see two, but there are actually four.



How about this one?


Did you catch the plaid?  And can we talk about Hammer pants for a second?

On the other hand, never mind.  I don’t want to talk about Hammer pants. I just want to preserve the memory of this couple forever.


Let’s switch it up and talk about how awesome the Incheon (Seoul) airport is.  They’ve been voted the best international airport 8 times!  Wonder why?


If you’ve ever traveled through an airport with children, you’ll understand why.


Finally, something pretty.  I just love airplane window shots.

(The far left photo in my header was taken on the way back from the Philippines earlier this spring.)


Go see Jen and all the Quick Takers.  Fair warning: the clothing may not be as de la moda.


  1. Those matching couple pictures provided me plenty of amusement….until I started wondering if they have matching underwear as well…then I realized I don’ and I had to quickly scroll away. LOL. That is too funny!
    Amelia recently posted…Double the Link-Up, Double the Fun…3 Reasons within 7QTFMy Profile

  2. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe all the matchy-matchy couples. Is that a thing? Every time I accidentally match Oskar, he goes back to his closet and changes. I should show him this, so he could see how cool it really is…. or maybe not.
    And resetting kids internal clocks is THE worst. My son is still on EST, even thought we’ve been in CA a year. FUN!
    Nichole recently posted…7QT, banana-spackle editionMy Profile

  3. Jet lag is the worst…. I’ve never flown trans continental with kids before. I cannot imagine! BEst of luck!
    KAthleen recently posted…7QT: Keeping it LightMy Profile

  4. You are a hero to have done what you have done. I wish I could tell you all of the crying to myself I have done, and I didn’t do what you did.

    You have got to be kidding me with those outfits!!! Seeing is believing!! You and Kevin should have put that on your Korea bucket list. They would fit right in with the very older set in Florida, we always see a few couples at whatever parish we have gone to who enjoy the matchy-matchy.

    • Micaela says:

      Just giving me more reasons to make a cross-country trip to visit you, aren’t you? Kev and I will bring our matching hammer pants and be all set at mass. I hear they pack well.

  5. Well. Now I regret getting rid of those Hammer pants. I’m gonna look like such a tool next time I have to take a flight.

    • Micaela says:

      Ha! This gave me a belly laugh! My mom made me a pair for Halloween when I was about 10. Major regrets about tossing those.


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