Five Postpartum Favorites

Expecting a baby? Know someone who is?  These have been my favorite things these last few weeks.

1. Meals

If you want to help a new mom, or an experienced mom, or anyone in any state of transition, BRING THEM FOOD.  Seriously, friends.  It is such an amazing gift to not have to cook, and so very delicious too.  If you’re looking for ideas, consider these foods we’ve received thus far: chicken soup with ravioli, chicken parmesan, beef stew with mashed potatoes, caldo de pollo (Mexican Chicken soup: my recipe is here), roast chicken with rosemary bread… what else?  We’ve been so blessed, I know I’m forgetting some.


If you live far away from loved ones, check out Artiko Chef.  Some friends sent these meals to me after Gianna was born and they were delicious!

2. Squeem

So, I have virtually no core strength.  Pregnancy ruins me for months (years?) afterwards.  When I was a few months postpartum with Zeke, I stumbled across an article detailing how many cultures use a postpartum wrap during the immediate postpartum period to help muscles heal properly.  I was already outside the window of healing, but I tucked the idea away for when/if I had another baby.

During this pregnancy, I scoured the internet for a traditional Malaysian wrap.  Short of flying to Malaysia, however, I didn’t find any possible ways to buy one.  A friend recommended the Squeem “Perfect Waist” and oh my word.  Oh. My. Word.  I love this thing.  Let me count the ways I love it: 1) instantly slims, 2) helps my posture, 3) I feel stronger and it reminds me to do the isometric exercises that I’m supposed to be doing.  I have no idea if it does all the fantastical things that the Amazon reviews claim, but I’m very happy with it so far.

3. Diaper service

My MIL and her friend threw us a shower this pregnancy, which was so generous.  It’s been a few pregnancies since I had one, and though we didn’t need much, I was showered with gifts.  One of my favorites (aside from the Guiness and the makings for Moscow Mules! :)) were gift certificates for diaper service.  We cloth diaper (for the most part) but the first couple months are a little overwhelming in general, so it’s really nice to set out a bag of dirty diapers and get some fresh fluffy cotton once a week.  We’ve used DyDee Diapers in the past, but this time we went with LuluDew, and so far I’ve been super impressed.  Excellent customer service, comparable prices to DyDee, and slightly more eco friendly.  Friends in So Cal, they deliver in LA, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties.

And no, I don’t get anything in return for reviewing them.  It’s pretty much just an excuse to show you this cute patootie:


4. Helpers

It’s incredible how much help these kiddos are.  Gianna and Aliya can reliably change diapers (and enjoy doing so!  Score!), and often they can calm her down when she’s fussy.  Life. Changing.

helper CollageIt is going to sound completely ungrateful, but my main problem is getting them to not be so “helpful.”  You know, checking on the baby and waking her up, asking to hold her non-stop, fighting over whose turn it is.  The grass is always greener, right?

5. Advent books

Loving our Advent book box this year.  Our Advent traditions have been a bit haphazard what with sweet Rosalie joining us 2 weeks ago, but at least we’ve got a box of wonderful books that I can read the big kids when I’m nursing a baby.  We added a few new ones on St. Nicholas Day, and I’ll try and post about those soon, but in the meantime, here’s our Advent Book list from last year.  And if you’re due any time other than Advent, consider making a box of special books to have in the living room for just those moments.

All Amazon links are affiliate links, which means I get some shiny copper pennies if you click through and purchase anything.  Gracias, amigas!

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