A Daybook, or “What I’ve been doing instead of blogging”

Once upon a time, I used to post 3 times a week. I had so many thoughts and words that they just flowed out of me and I could hardly keep up with it.  But now…


I’m getting better at accepting the ebb and flow of life (which naturally leads to the ebb and flow of writing), and since I hardly care about stats anymore, I don’t worry much when I take a break. The only thing I do worry about is neglecting friendships.  And since I really do consider you all my friends, I tend to get that guilt that only used to come when I hadn’t called someone in awhile.  So since I can’t seem to post a whole bunch lately, perhaps we should do a re-cap post, eh?




What have I been doing with all of my time?

I’m listening to:

More podcasts.  Mostly the same ones I posted about in that link <—, but also I’ve discovered the Catholic Answers podcast, and I’m all YIPPEEEEE!  Because smart, logical people who can defend our faith with charity and clarity is my thang, y’all.


Hair chalk!


IMG_0649 (1)

So fun!

I’m reading:

*The Lost Princess by George McDonald.  We finally finished it tonight.  My girls and I loved it way more than I expected at the outset.  At first I thought I was going to have to explain every other word or phrase but it didn’t work out that way, and even Gabriel loved it.  There’s an amazing moment when the spoiled princess Rosamond finally finally finally sees the error of her ways.  The wise woman had rescued her yet again, from herself.  But the wise woman sets Rosamond down and tells her that she must walk on her own to the wise woman’s cottage.  It reminded me so much of my relationship with God.  I keep getting into fixes and throwing tantrums and He always lifts me and carries me to safety.  But He never ever forces me to come all the way home to Him.  He loves me enough to let me take that step on my own.

*Into Your Hands, Father: Abandoning Ourselves to the God Who Loves Us by Wilfrid Stinissen.  Oh goodness.  This book is intense.  I can only read a few pages at once, but each page has something quote-worthy.

Here’s a little something from today:

As soon as you show him [God] your wounds and expose yourself to his healing power, the healing begins, one that is not like ordinary healing.  It is not a question of something old that has caused you so much pain and finally ceases to torment you.  The healing goes back into time and transforms the very moment when you were hurt into a moment of grace.  The very wound that was the cause of so much suffering is transformed into a blessing, and all the bitterness is caused is changed into meaningful and fruitful suffering.

I’ve experienced this and know it to be true.

*A Is for Musk Ox by Erin Cabatingan.  I’m pretty particular about my ABC books.  This one’s a little more gimmicky than I prefer, but the boys think it is an absolute riot, and we all learned quite a bit about musk oxen.


Birthday girl! Look who’s 8!



Oh, my sweet heart.

I’m praying for:

Christians in the Middle East.  Lord, have mercy.

My friend’s mom who is having a lumpectomy on Thursday.

My sister who is planning a missionary trip this summer.  She’ll be helping kids with special needs in Ecuador.  If you want to support her, check out her GoFundMe page.

Sweet little Rose Hengehold who recently got some good news.  Her tumor has shrunk and it’s all thanks to the prayers and donations she received.  Keep praying (and donating)!


Hooley at the Tierneys. So. Much Fun. Check more pics at Kendra’s blog.




I love these people. I hate that this picture is blurry.


I’m thinking about:

Ezekiel and his vision appointment last week.  Good news: the new doctor does not think we need to do the daily drops, and he said we only need to patch for 4 hours/day (which was all we could ever really manage anyway).  Oh, and there’s a possibility that the prescription from November is too strong, which would mean that his vision didn’t worsen as much as we thought, which would do my worrying heart much good.  The odd news: the doctor thinks there is a possibility he may have ocular albinism.  I happen to know someone who has that, but I was shocked anyway.  More tests on April 4th.  (Yes, that is Holy Saturday.)  The other odd thing is that the doctor thinks Zeke may be a candidate for surgery if his vision continues to decline.  I have a whole lot of research to do before we go that route, and the doctor wants to watch him for awhile anyway, but I’m still surprised by it.



We had to wait a looooong time to see the doctor.



I’m watching:

Buffy and Angel.


Moving right along.


We made tune rice balls! So yummers.




Good for meatless Fridays and very cheap to make. Want the recipe?

I’m planning:

How to best use our tax refund.  (Paying off the last of my student loans is the top of my list.)

A bloggers conference. Where my west coast ladies at?

A trip to Charleston in July.  It’s The Edel Gathering, with a twist.  Kevin and Rosalie are accompanying me and we’re extending our trip.  I’ve always wanted to visit Charleston, and Kevin’s cousin lives there.  Yay for a weekend away with my handsome guy (plus nursing baby)!  Holler at me if you’re going too!

Curriculum for next year.  It’s what I do when I get tired of this year.  So… there’s that.



Honeycomb from our neighbor’s hive. Delicious.

I’m feeling (irrationally) guilty about (a partial list):

Zeke’s never-ending cough

Zeke’s vision problems

Yelling too much

Watching too much Netflix. (Only at night, so then it prevents me from blogging.)

Not blogging enough

Not reading enough

Ignoring my kids when I read

Not reading to my kids enough

Not reading the right books to my kids

Feeling irrationally guilty


That’s all I’ve got for tonight, my lovelies.  What’s going on in your lives?

Be sure to head over to Jessica and What We’re Reading Wednesday.  🙂


  1. Oh sweet baby pictures!!!
    Annery recently posted…Supporting Adoption: Barker FamilyMy Profile

  2. You’re still in new baby season for at least nine months after birth. Let go of that guilt! Let it go! Go after your gratitudes! You’re great at that!
    And yes, I would like that tuna rice thingy recipe please.
    Jessica recently posted…WWRW: Non-Fiction I Have LovedMy Profile

  3. Ah, but I bet you’re watching Netflix instead of blogging because you don’t have to use your hands to watch Netflix! These babies are always monopolizing prime blogging time 😉

    Prayers for Zeke’s eyes! I hope you guys get some good answers after the next tests.

    And as for ignoring the kids while reading? I read somewhere that it’s good for kids to see their parents reading because it shows that the parents place a lot of value on reading. So you’re not ignoring them, you’re encouraging literacy!
    Rosie recently posted…What to Say Besides “Your Hands Are Full”My Profile

  4. I haven’t watched Buffy and Angel in the longest while, but after watching Joss Whedon’s Firefly, I want to go through them again as an adult. 😉
    Christie recently posted…16/52My Profile

  5. P.S. I would not turn down any Korean recipe, especially easy ones!
    Christie recently posted…16/52My Profile