Answer me this…

I don’t generally blog on Saturdays. Or Sundays.  Or Mondays.  But this week I’m joining Kendra/Haley (Should they have a celebrity name?  Kaley?  Or Haldra?) for Answer Me This, because…



1. What’s the scariest thing that’s ever been in your yard?
When I was in high school, we  moved from suburban San Diego to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  It’s a biiiiiig jump from suburbia to rattlesnakes, let me tell ya.
Rattlesnakes.  A mere yard away, coiled, hissing, and rattling.  Definitely the scariest thing in my “yard.”  A close second would be when we were visiting my parents when Aliya was a toddler and my sister had to scoop her up and JUMP OVER the baby rattlesnake that was in front of the doorway.  Baby. Rattlesnake.  Worse than a grown one, especially when it’s threatening your baby.
2. Beards. Thumbs up or thumbs down?
Did you see that photo up there?  Definitely, most assuredly, 2 solid thumbs up.  (Disclaimer:  Kevin does shave from time to time, and he is just as handsome without a beard as with.  So it’s possible that I’m more of a Kevin fan than a beard fan.  But I still like beards, I think.)
3. If stuff breaks, can you fix it?
Yes.  Ask my college roommates.  I was the “man” of the house who dealt with all things scary (like giant potato bugs that actually thunk when they fall to the ground) to all things broken.  Not that I have any very specific training, other than following my dad around as a kid and having 7 brothers to which I always felt the need to prove myself.  I’m just pretty good at figuring out how stuff works.  Whether I actually do fix those things, especially these days being so busy, is another question entirely.  Right?
4. What was your first car?
It wasn’t exactly my car, but I drove my parents red Subaru wagon (stick shift on dirt roads, HOLLAH!) around quite a bit.  Until my older brother came home from college for spring break and totaled it.  Thanks, David.  I’m clearly still upset about it.
My first actual car was a Volkswagon Fox (also a wagon, and I think it was also a stick shift) that I bought off of my Granny when she stopped driving.
5. How often do you eat out?
It used to be a lot.  In Korea it was a minimum of twice a week, once/week with my brother and sister-in-law and at least once/week with the whole family.  Here, though, due to budget restrictions and healthy eating goals, it’s definitely less often.  I’d say 3 times/month?  But even then it’s usually just boring take-out.
6. Why is your hair like that?
Because I am lazy.  No really.  Too lazy to “do” it, too lazy to dye it (the upkeep anyway), too lazy even to leave the house to get it cut.  I actually had it trimmed recently by my mom, but before that I’d trimmed it myself a couple of times, and I think the last time I had it cut in a salon was … in Korea?  Over a year ago?  Pretty sure.
That’s all the blathering I’ve got in me for tonight.  If you’d like to know who doesn’t like beards (hint: not Haley) or who had a Porsche for their first ride (no one I’ve come across yet) click on over to Haley’s @ Carrots for Michaelmas for more Answer Me This.


  1. I’m really lazy about my hair too…which is why it is the way it is. 🙂
    Amelia @ One Catholic Mama recently posted…Judgement is Bad, Unless You Are Judging About Being JudgementalMy Profile

  2. Exxxxactly. I’m super lazy when it comes to hair. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat! Hence, short hair. Easy hair. (And breezy hair in the summer.)
    Country Girl’s Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food
    Country Girl’s Daybook recently posted…spinach feta orzo saladMy Profile

  3. Hey, it’s not that I hate beards. Just that I’m not the biggest fan.
    Elizabeth@SuperSwellTimes recently posted…Answer Me This #6My Profile

  4. 1. Rattlesnakes, wild boar, mountain lions, what isn’t scary in our yard in Friant?? 4. I LOVED that car! Okay, maybe I just love all the memories of all of us being in it. 6. I’m tempted to take a picture of my hair and send it to you. I had good intentions to fix it this morning, but it ended up in a clip piled up on my head. Whatever, I’m just going to be in the car for most of the day today anyway!
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