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In a recent comment-box discussion, it was decided that my blogging style defies categorization.  Everyone was really nice about it, and I want to thank you for your contributions.  However, this is just reinforcing the notion that I am too weird to belong anywhere.

Which reminds me: I am a naturally good speller but I misspelled the word “weird” for years and years until Faith corrected me.

See?  I’m strange and random.



Tonight I made ah-mazing Korean rice balls.  I actually don’t know what they’re called in Korean, but I suppose I could call them chamchi gimbap, because that means tuna, seaweed and rice.  Huh.  Look at me, all speaking Korean and stuff.

Do not give me a test.  I will fail and embarrass Americans everywhere.



Micaela’s Easy-Peasy Chamchi Gimbap


short grain rice (brown, white, or sushi)
filling (tuna salad, beef, kimchi)
sesame oil 
seaweed or seaweed crumbles


Prepare sticky rice according to package directions.  (If you’re making brown rice, I highly suggest you let it soak for at least 8 hours before cooking, and up to 24 hours if possible.  It will be stickier that way.  White rice is much faster, of course.  I also like to add homemade chicken broth for additional nutrition and yummy flavor.)

While rice is cooking, prepare filling.  I just used tuna and tad bit of mayo, but really you can use almost any leftovers.  When rice is done, and while it is still warm,  put a few drops of sesame oil into a small Tupperware (or other plastic) container.  Spread the oil around the sides and bottom.  Put a scoop of rice in and press gently down.  Make a small depression and place a spoonful of filling mixture inside. Cover with rice and press down until it feels like it’s sticking together.  Turn over the Tupperware and gently tap or squeeze until the “ball” comes out.  Roll in seaweed crumbles or wrap in a small sheet of seaweed.

If the rice is sticky enough, you can eat it with your hand (hello, sandwich replacement!).  If not, it is equally delicious eaten with a  spoon.



Okay, now for the funny. This is not new, but by golly, it doesn’t need to be! Kevin and I have watched this so many times and crack up sharing it with friends. Watch and enjoy. That’s an order.


This post, Hope for Spicy Families, is also hilarious, but touching and true as well.  Jen Hatmaker killed it with this quote:

So any time I am around a sweet family for a while, I have a crisis. It simmers until a comment from one of their children to another – “Sister? Would you like the last brownie? I want you to have it since you did all my chores for me as a surprise for my half birthday…” – launches me into a watershed moment. Brandon knows this about me and has weathered the reentry numerous times:

Me:  What is wrong with us? We need a new system to get people to talk nicer in this house. We are raising feral children. Why don’t any of our kids knit?? We need to quit raising our voices FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES or all hope is lost. Our kids are probably going to kill people one day. Like, I think they are on a dark path to incarceration or street violence.

Read the rest here: Hope for Spicy Families.  Then come back here and tell me: Is your family is sweet or spicy? We’re spicy like kimchi over here!

(H/T to Cat for the Facebook share of this one)


If you know the original source of this image, would you share it?

(H/T to Judy for this one!)



I went for most of my adult life going to confession annually at best, and at worst, with years between confessions.  I’m one of those people who hated hated hated going.  I would cry and tremble and worry about what the priest would say or think about me.  (It’s called “pride” and I’ve got it bad.)  And then through God’s grace I stumbled upon several different articles and blog posts about confession and slowly I started to think that maybe going more instead of less was the answer.

Last year I committed to going on a regular basis and to say it has changed my life would not be even remotely hyperbolic.  Think about it this way:  reconciliation is like housekeeping.  I could go a year without cleaning my house, but it would be a pretty uncomfortable (and stinky) year.  I’d be tripping all over my junk and I’d never really want to invite anybody in.  Or I could buckle down, clean it on a regular basis, and live a happier life.

So if it’s been a long time since your last confession, my best advice is to just go.  Just go go go.  And if you want or need more (convincing) reasons,  please read this piece by Simcha Fischer, Ten Reasons You Should Get to Confession This Weekend.


Alright, it’s school time.  Love to my peeps.  Have a great weekend!  Head on over to Jen and visit the other Quick Takes crew.



  1. Oh, are we spicy! We could use a little sweet in our mix, unfortunately. And I very nerdily searched for the source of that quote and found an hilarious amount of research into locating its source. Really, it seems that the above quote is a paraphrase of something much longer, but a relative unknown who wrote under a pen name, but whose name was John Watson, at the beginning of the 1900’s SO that is why you don’t know who said it!

    The rice balls look amazing! Wish I loved to cook.
    Rebekah Es recently posted…Theme Thursday: Shadows, or Really Shade! Or Really, Our Totally Kick-Ass Tree HouseMy Profile

    • And that’s why I love you. For the nerdy/smart/funny factor. Thank you!

      Rebekah, you should totally try the rice balls. They are super easy to make. Perfect for the non-chefs.

  2. Oh wow…I LOVED that Jen Hatmaker blog..loved, loved, loved it! And, we are definitely spicy over here..very, very spicy …but we prefer to eat sweet things.
    Amelia recently posted…7 Quick Takes Friday from VAMy Profile

  3. Byungwook Kang says:

    ‘Korean rice balls’
    We call it as ‘Ju-meok-bap’ because it resembles fist.
    ‘Ju-meok’ means fist, ‘bap’ means rice.

    • Wow, thank you, Byungwook! I am still learning Korean from you, even back in America! Please say hi to Ji Won and the girls. 🙂

  4. I’m a rice lover, I will give those balls a go. Oh, and yes, confession is easier the more you go.
    Anabelle hazard recently posted…One Convert Down, One More to GoMy Profile

  5. I haven’t been able to categorize my blog based on that list, either… I mean, I complain a lot so maybe I’m nitty gritty? But it’s not like I spend every post complaining. And mostly I just post pictures of the kids, but then I do random link-ups and I just don’t even know! But luckily it doesn’t matter 😛
    Rosie recently posted…Seven Quick Takes – Celebrity Edition!My Profile

    • Rosie, if you complain a lot, I haven’t noticed. I think of yours as definitely mommy-comedy, with some slice of life thrown in. I know it wasn’t on the list, but I find your blog to be one of my favorite funny ones. You grow hilarious humans around your house. I can’t wait until the twins start talking.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “bad lip reading” video. I laughed until the tears were streaming down my face and I couldn’t breath because I was too busy snorting. Thanks for the perfect cap to my night!
    Anna recently posted…7 Quick Takes – a week of surprise testsMy Profile

    • That is exactly how we responded the first time we saw it, Anna. Isn’t it so funny?! And now our family is forever quoting it. Just yesterday, my 8 year old said “wow” about something in the car. My 3 year old responded with: “An orange peanut? For me? Well, I accept you.” I about veered off the road.