Aaaaand, That’s a Wrap!

7 Posts in 7 Days Wrap-up

Phewsh!  That was a lot of posting. wasn’t it?  Are you glad the madness is over?  Are you a little bit bummed?  As for me, I feel a bit conflicted.  I’ll be  glad to have some evenings to myself this next week, but I really enjoyed Jen’s challenge, and I’m glad I took it.  If nothing else, it forced me to get over my perfectionism.  All things considered, my vocation doesn’t allow for daily blogging on a regular basis.  And I’m okay with that.


Thank you so much to all who completed the survey.  One thing I learned: all my readers are really nice.  Seriously.  I was nervous about asking some of those questions, but you were all perfectly kind and even shared some constructive criticism, which I appreciate.  It’s difficult to know your audience as a small-time blogger.  I don’t get the in-your-face challenging comments that some of the more controversial bloggers get (Thank goodness!  I’m not thick-skinned enough for that!) but I also have a hard time knowing which posts you really enjoy reading.  Your responses really helped me, so thank you.

One bummer: I had to delete a few Rafflecopter entries because the entrants lied about commenting, or following me or whatever.  I mean, come on.  For $25?  Not even, actually.  For a chance at $25?  Oh, okay fine.  Sell your immortal soul for a gift card.  Whatever.  Sheesh!

But really, the rest of you are the absolute kindest and most wonderful readers I could imagine.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  (P.S. Even though the raffle is closed, the survey is still open… in case you were busy last week but still wanted to give me an earful.  :))

Health update:

We are well!  Knock on wood, but Kevin and I are doing great and none of the kids seem to have come down with anything.  Fingers crossed!

Weird Church Lady Thing:

Have you read any books on spiritual attacks/warfare?  Specifically on dealing with them?  If so, I’d be very grateful to hear your recommendations, especially books by saints or books with an imprimatur.

All The Kids in a Tractor Bucket:

Cause that’s a common thing, right?


And now… drumroll, please!

The winner of the GiveAway is Emily H.!  Look for an email in your inbox and get back to me so I can send you some California to Korea lovin’.


Hope you all have a sizzling Sunday!  I’ll be back on Tuesday for my regular posts.  Until then… 안녕히 가세요 (That’s goodbye in Korean!  I haven’t forgotten all of it yet.)