The Un-Blogger Strikes Again


The Un-Blogger/Theme Thursday

So apparently not only do I not blog anymore, I also don’t take photos with my nice camera.  Trying not to beat myself up over it, but man.  How is it that two activities that bring me so much joy can fall by the wayside in the hustle and bustle?  Boo.

My sad and sorry Theme Thursday submissions for this week, courtesy Signor Instagramo:









#work (As in, I got this from my daughter during school time and that's why I love my work.)

#work (As in, I got this from my daughter during school time and that’s why I love my work.)

So if we’re not already friends on Instagram, can we just be already?  It’s just about my favorite social media these days.  P.S. I’m not sure Cari is hosting Theme Thursday this week, but you should still go visit her because she is fun and nice.



Can we talk about yoga pants?

This is going to sound weird, but is there such a thing as yoga pants that don’t look like yoga pants?  (If you’re new here, welcome and no, I’m not usually this odd.  Only once a week or so, give or take 6 days.)

No but really.  I am much more likely to get out and exercise if I’m wearing clothes that are conducive for such activities, but I don’t really care for the mom-in-yoga-pants look.  Maybe I’m asking too much of you.  Let’s see what Google has to say, shall we?

yoga pants

No.  No I did not dare.

So after extensive research (10 minutes down the Google rabbit hole) I’ve still got nothing.  Hit me up, friends.  Clothes I can exercise in that don’t look like I just rolled out of bed: GO!


Prayers Answered

Do you all know how awesome you are?  I ask you for prayers and you deliver, every time.  I feel like I should give you a couple happy updates.

Kelly and Maci

Kelly is my sister-in-law’s sister.  Back in January, she came down with H1N1 and pneumonia, plus other complications while she was pregnant with her third baby.  To say it was serious is an understatement.  I begged for prayers and you guys delivered.  To the doctor’s surprise, Kelly improved enough to go home and just delivered gorgeous baby Maci last week.  Kelly says she felt all your prayers as she fought to get better, and she sends buckets of gratitude your way.

And in December, I asked for prayers for this little guy:

No, not Kevin.  The cutie pie with him!

No, not Kevin. The cutie pie with him!

This little guy had emergency brain surgery.  See the scar?  When I asked for prayers for a life-or-death special intention, I was completely overwhelmed by your support.  Thanks again for responding to my call.  He is happy and healthy and one of my most favorite kids ever.



What You’re Missing…

if you don’t follow California to Korea on Facebook:



Of course, the alternative is hanging out at my house all day, but I’m thinking maybe you don’t want this kind of fun in live-action detail.



Since you’re soooo good at praying…

Can you please add my cousin Joanne to your prayer list?  She is fighting cancer for the second time in a year.  She asks for strength to fight it, and peace and fortitude for her husband and 2 kids to handle it all.  And of course, healing of all cancer in her body!


Joanne and her husband Chet.

And on a much less important note, I’m going on retreat this weekend, so any prayers you’ve got leftover would be appreciated.  For a fruitful weekend and for sanity for Kevin.  He’s more than capable of handling it, but I’m covering my bases.


Speaking of Unblogging

What?  I was speaking of it, like 5 Takes back.

Today would normally be the beginning of the April 3 Reasons.  However, this month’s theme is Easter and I just can’t get into that mode yet.  Life is still too Lent-ish.  But I would like to do it before Easter so we can give each other ideas for celebrating Easter, however you do it.  So: compromise.  April’s 3 Reasons I Love Easter will run from (next Friday) April 11 through April 27 (which is a Sunday). I’ll see you then, right?  RIGHT?!



I’ve got to pack and clean and all that other good stuff, so you just head on over to Jen @ Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.


  1. Hey at least you’re still participating in Theme Thursday. I got embarrassed about my half-a$$ed participation and decided that I would take Lent off to regroup. Enjoy your retreat!
    Madeline recently posted…7 Takes of QuickMy Profile

  2. This is seriously me. Blog? What? Camera? I have one??

    I don’t know how I missed that FB status. Except for the cute kid quip, that’s pretty much what I say every couple of hours.

    Exercise clothes. I haven’t tried these but have seen them and considered them:

    When I was am in better shape (and by that I mean when I am fitting exercise in routinely — not like I-only-wear-this-at-a-certain-poundage), I LOVE cute exercise capri-leggings under a fun skirt. This was my go-to-uniform in Korea and Alabama when I often just walked wherever we needed to go. It was my workout BUT I needed to look nice once I arrived (I didn’t mind about sweaty because HELLO HUMIDITY everyone looked dewy exercise or no). With the leggings underneath I could be active. A pair of fun, broken-in converse shoes and I felt versatile, quirky, and cute. LOVED it.
    maia recently posted…insert happy sticker face hereMy Profile

  3. 1. That hug note is the best!
    3. I’m so happy prayers were answered!!
    4. I’m glad I finished swallowing my drink when I read this. Insanely cute and funny!!!!!
    5. Prayers for your cousin and family.