Thumbs Down: Theme Thursday in the Third Person

Joining Cari for another Theme Thursday and Kelly for Third Person Thursday.


Micaela awoke with a groan.  Her head was throbbing, her mouth cotton-dry.  “What the…?  I never get headaches.  Did I drink last night?  No.  So what could possibly be causing this?  It’s totally unfair to have a hangover without the fun part.”  At least, that would have been her inner monologue if she had the capacity to do more than than groan and squeeze her eyes shut.  Snuggling down under her comforter, she unsuccessfully willed  the pain away.

Seconds later, two warm bodies pressed against her sides.  A quick snuggle, hot breath against her cheeks.  “What’s for breakfast?  Can we have cereal?  Please, Mama, pleeeeeeease?”  Sigh.  No chance of sleeping the headache away.  At least there was the coffee to look forward to.

Another groan, this one audible.  No coffee.  Today was day 2 of no dairy and no sugar.  In Micaela’s world, that also spelled no coffee.  Why bother getting up then?  At least the headache mystery was solved.

“Mommmmmyyyyy?”  a plaintive cry.  “ALRIGHT, I’m UP!” Micaela yelled with more force than necessary.  “Ouch.  I hate headaches,” she muttered as she threw back the covers and rolled out of bed.

Thus began Thumbs Down Thursday.

Micaela’s to-do list was a mile long.  No time like the present to begin.

Finish the batch cooking she began yesterday.

School the children.  “Yes, you have to do it.  Yes, all of it.  Yes, now.”

Load up the car for a trip to the mechanic.  Snacks, games, stroller to strap them down.

2 tires replaced and head home $300 poorer.

Clean, clean, clean the house that never gets clean.  “WHY can’t I keep on top of this?”

Clean out the car that never stays clean.  Grumble, grumble.

Wearier than she could remember being, Micaela glanced at the clock.  5:15?  Where did the time go? Was Kevin even on his way home yet?  Then she glanced at  the sky.  Sunset.

All of the sudden, her Thumbs Down Thursday did a somersault.  Here was Creation, in all its glory.  The toy cars in her hand clattered to the ground as she ran for the house.  Grabbing her camera, she headed to the front yard  and scrambled up onto the picnic table.  The lens didn’t do it justice.  But she knew what it was the instant she saw it:

God’s Great Thumbs Up


f/5.6, 1/1250th, ISO 1600



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  1. How beautiful! And the picture is breath taking too.
    Hope you get some relief from the headaches.

  2. Kelly was impressed not only with Micaela’s photos, but her ability to function on no coffee. And how was it that Micaela was able to homeschool, batch cook and find the energy to blog? It was an amazing accomplishment in Kelly’s eyes and she quickly set down her coffee to leave a comment that expressed her admiration.
    Kelly M. recently posted…{SQT} Seven Pictures for the UninitiatedMy Profile

    • Thanks for starting this, Kelly. It was really refreshing to speak in the third person. Makes me think if I ever do write a book (ha!) it won’t be a memoir. I had too much fun with that assignment.

  3. Hope your headache has left you! And if there’s no coffee, maybe a nice cup of tea has found you! Love Love LOVE your picture! So beautiful and such a grace to be able to see it as His thumb’s up. I’m the grumbler who would have kept on grumbling on and totally missed the goodness. lol
    Amanda recently posted…Sweet kisses, fun moments, and good beerMy Profile

    • Yes to tea. I prefer mine unsweetened (which is so funny because I absolutely detest unsweetened coffee) and it has been a lifesaver!

      I’m a grumbler too. He pretty much had to get all up in my business to show me that. 😉

  4. Awesome post! The pictures are amazing.

  5. Love it!! Hope your headache cleared up and the picture was breathtaking.
    Amelia recently posted…5 Things Plus 2 Time Hacks = 7QTFMy Profile

  6. THAT is an amazing picture! Sympathies on the caffeine withdrawal. The pain of those kind of headaches is actually enough to keep me pretty much caffeine free. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the batch cooking. I’m more of a “double the recipe and freeze one, eat one” batch cooker 🙂
    Annery recently posted…{Theme Thursday} Thumb {Third Person Thursday}My Profile

    • Annery, I ended up doing a couple of meals that way too. I way over planned and had to table a few items until the next day. So far so good on the meals. Although of course we are out of town this weekend! At least I don’t have to worry about grocery shopping when we get back.

  7. We had the 30K on our van… We left the shop equally poor!

  8. just LOVELY!!!! Talk about putting a spin on “A DAY”…go girl!
    TracyE recently posted…The marathon that is sobrietyMy Profile

  9. Your sunsets are like ours down here – stunning! Nothing like NorCal, where sunsets are generally more tame. And thanks for the quote from St. Josemaria; I love coming across such things to reflect on.
    Anna recently posted…A simple woman’s daybook for NovemberMy Profile

  10. Beautiful post, that photo helped me take a breath. Thank you, Michaela, I hope we get to meet in July!
    Victoria recently posted…Dr. football , Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the game.My Profile

  11. Not at all sure how you are doing it on no coffee. That headache would kill me. Dead. So. Impressed.

    • I’m surviving. Some moments are harder than others. I’m not totally off caffeine though. I have unsweetened chai tea in he mornings, so I think that takes care of the basic caffeine need. 🙂