Theme Thursday Photos: January/February Schedule

Well, hello there!  I completely flaked on you TT loyalists last week, didn’t I?  Accept my apologies (I really am very sorry for my procrastinating ways) and move on?

I’d be happy to!

I’ve made the #ThemeThursdayPhotos schedule for January and February, and I’m both excited and completely intimidated by it.  In January we’ll be focusing on composing powerful photos and in February we’ll practice editing after we take the photos.  Should be fun!

I really think I’ll be stretching my skills these next couple of months. {insert gritted teeth emoji} I promise, we’re still light-hearted and rule-free around here, so feel free to link up every Thursday whether you’ve “accomplished” the prompt of not.  You’re all welcome ’round these parts.

Without further ado, the prompts:


As before, I’ll give you a link or two to prepare you for the next prompt.  Since the baby is waking up and I need to jam, I’m gonna drop this one right here: Rule of Thirds.  (super savvy, eh?)  See you next week!