Simplify: Theme Thursday

Welcome to Theme Thursday, friends!

In an effort to get out and exercise with the kids every day. we’ve started taking daily walks. Since they’re not always super motivated, I’ve resorted to bribery.  If they’re fed, dressed, and ready for the day by 8:15 then we add a stop to the park on the way. It’s actually been quite lovely.

Today Ezekiel ran around with Rosalie the whole time. It was the sweetest thing.  He pushed her on the baby swing, helped her up the stairs and down the slide, and got her water when she smacked her lips (her made up baby sign for H2O).




SONY DSCAt the end of our play time, Zeke said, “Mommy, we can have 6 babies because we’ll each just take care of one!” Dear Zeke’s Future Wife: you are welcome.

So I guess I went a little off-topic as far as the Simplify theme.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone else got out of it!

Next week: Let’s play with our aperture settings next week!  Here’s a basic aperture tutorial from Digital Photography School. Find the aperture settings on your camera and have fun with it.

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