Shadows: Theme Thursday

A mind game (because I usually fail these miserably and finally have a chance to be the winner):


Do you know what this is?


(Answer at the end of the post)



Now for the actual submissions:

A Boy and His Paper Airplane


f/5.6, 1/800th, ISO 200

I love the texture of this one.  We studied Van Gogh this week and focused on creating texture.  So I took the liberty of playing with the contrast, shadows, highlights and midtones of this photo to make the blackness of the shadows stand in stark relief of the texture of the grass.  It’s not the best composition ever, but I do like those elements of it.

A Future Saint in Half Moon Bay


f/4.5, 1/2500th, ISO 200
P.S. That’s my mama, a future saint if I’ve ever met one.

The above image originally looked like this:


I upped the shadow drama (and gave her a halo) ironically by leaving the “shadow slider” right where it was and upping the “highlights.” Go figure.

And finally, the answer to my little mind game:


Head on over to Cari’s house for more shadows.  You don’t even have to call first!  (Unless you’re going to her actual house, in which case: etiquette, people!)


  1. I was stumped with #1. Love the contrast and texture of #2 and the whole composition of 3- so pretty!
    Bobbi @ revolution of love recently posted…Theme Thursday: Shadow & {pretty, happy, funny, real} vol 74: Bubble PlayMy Profile

  2. Have to say, nailed your puzzle. Bragging aside, your pictures are amazing. The one of your mom, speechless, I’m sure that belongs in a place of honor.
    Rebekah Es recently posted…Theme Thursday: Shadows, or Really Shade! Or Really, Our Totally Kick-Ass Tree HouseMy Profile

  3. Had guessed something at a playground for #1.
    Wonderful picture of your mom!
    Joy recently posted…WWRW ~ Full of FavoritesMy Profile

    • What gave it away? Me having two boys under 4? Ha! By the way, aren’t playgrounds so fancy these days? I think mine as a kid had a couple of those spring rocking horse things, a couple swings, monkey bars and a slide. Now they’re built like the Taj Mahal!~

  4. Didn’t guess what it was…I am horrible at guessing games! The editing on those photos is great and I love the halo effect on your mom. I didn’t catch it the first time around and had to go back to find it after you mentioned it. Great job!
    Laura recently posted…Theme Thursday – ShadowsMy Profile

    • Thanks, Laura. Isn’t it weird that adding more shadows created that halo effect?! Or was it something more… supernatural? (Kidding!)

  5. Yay, I guessed right! Beautiful photos, as always!

  6. I was close on #1…I’d pictured a slightly different playground thingy. Love the shadow photos. And I like you you showed the after and before of the last one! (And how you did it.)
    Cathy W recently posted…Theme Thursday: ShadowMy Profile

    • Thanks, Cathy. Playgrounds are pretty similar all over the world, or at least as far as I’ve found. Maybe I’ll visit Alaska someday to verify.

  7. Love the paper airplane shot. I was right on for #1….maybe because my stage of life right now has a lot of playground equipment? Wonderful post 🙂
    Annery recently posted…{Theme Thursday} ShadowMy Profile