Piles of Joy: Theme Thursday

Back for another round of fun photography practice.  Thanks for hosting another Theme Thursday, Cari!

This week I felt a little less-than-inspired by the theme of “Piles.”  Perhaps because the first thing that popped to mind were piles of laundry.  Believe you me, those can be found in abundance in my home, but surprisingly enough they’re not that inspiring to me.  In fact, piles of laundry usually send me running outside far far away to take pretty photos of other things (things I’m not required to fold or clean), and I think I’d be quite embarrassed to share photos of the Mt. Everest of Laundry.  (Secretly I’m hoping someone else links up with piles of laundry.  That would be so cool and make me feel lots better.  Thanks in advance, all you lovely photographer friends!)

I remembered how back in college, one of my roomies would make fun of the rest of us for laying around on a bed, in a “puppy pile.”  She honestly couldn’t see the appeal to so much physical contact.  But me, I loves me some huggin’, so this week I present to you:  Piles of Joy

F/4.5, 1/50, ISO 1600 (ISO was way too high! forgot to change it!)

F/4.5, 1/50, ISO 1600 (Focus set to wrong area.  Blurry face = 🙁 photog)

F/4.5, 1/50, ISO 1600

OK, so not my best work.  But I really love the joy on their faces, and the truth is we spend a lot of time tickling, hugging, roughhousing in Piles on my bed.

(Yes, they dressed themselves.  Yes, they like to match.  No, they did not know I was going to assault them with photography take pictures of them today.  Although it’s a safe bet that I will on any given day.)

One thing I want to chat about: Aperture Priority mode.  Oh my goodness gracious, this saves me a million years in setting up shots.  I love it!  I’ve been shooting almost exclusively in Aperture Priority mode for a couple weeks now and it is fantabulous.  Sometimes I can’t get the shot I want because of lighting or what-have-you, so I have to switch to full manual mode.  But 97% of the time I am happy with A mode.  Have you tried it?  If so, what do you think?


  1. Micaela, not only do your girls have matching clothes, but they have matching expressions!! Awesome! I wanted to take a picture of my boys tackling in a pile on the family room floor because that’s how they’re typically found, but I didn’t catch it before they went to bed. Oh well, maybe one theme will be Boys Wrestling and I’ll be all over that 🙂

  2. I love the piles of love! We call them “meerkat” piles around here.

    And the expressions on the last one! Bliss.

  3. Last picture is priceless! You can’t fake that kind of joy!

    My two girls like to dress alike, too. I think it’s sweet!

    I commend you for all the photo lingo and experimenting, it’s paying off! Wish I had the patience.

  4. All three pictures tell a great story of sibling love!

  5. Those are awesome! Such happy expressions!

    (I couldn’t bring myself to photograph my laundry either, but others did theirs. Thank goodness!)

  6. I only see the love and joy! And, it’s beautiful!!!!

  7. They are so happy! Love it!

    Yes, AV is glorious. Unless it’s really dark or whatever, it is so the best.

  8. I LOVE IT!! I wanted to do this but didn’t feel like fighting with my three and I love that you captured it AND they are all so happy!!

  9. Those are the cutest “piles” ever!

  10. Pile of (happy) children = best kind of pile!

  11. I tried to get piles like that, but I couldn’t get all the smiles at once. You did a great job!

  12. Nice work! Any time I try to get all three of my little ones in the same shot, at least one of them is blurry. These are certainly the most joyful piles I have seen all day.

  13. I still prefer manual. I am not always happy with AP. Maybe it is just the camera?
    Your children are adorable. And the truck on the shirt? My boy is jealous!!!

  14. Ohmygosh, you can’t look at your photos and not smile and be filled with joy. so precious!!

  15. I thought of a pile of sleeping puppies, but did not know where to find one. Your pile of joyful people is very appealing.