Out: Theme Thursday

Such is my dedication to my photography craft (ha!) that I forced the kids to finish school early today, packed them into the car and headed down to La Misión del Santo Príncipe El Arcángel, San Gabriel de Los Temblores, more commonly known now as the San Gabriel Mission.  By the way, “temblores” means earthquakes.  Just a fun little reminder of what we moved back to, right?

Since this weekend is Michaelmas, the Feast of the Archangels, and since we haven’t done many “California” things for school lately, I thought we’d go down and check it out.  I am in love and foresee myself spending loooooots of time down there.  Which is actually okay because it’s only 20 minutes away.  I hope I can get a whole blog post in on it soon.

For now, please be satisfied with my take on the Theme Thursday, “out.”




Cropped and played with the highlights, shadows, and color balance  in ipiccy, cuz my computer’s still in the shop:


Gianna’s favorite version, but of course:


That’s it, folks.  I’m about to hit “publish,” link it on up over con la mujer mas guapa, Sra. Donaldson, take Gianna to choir and First Communion Prep and then hit the road sola, with all 4 kids for a 4 hour road trip.  Pray for me, will ya?

P.S. Guess who’s lucky enough to be hanging out with real LIVE Cari in la Casa Donaldson this Sunday? Me, that’s who!  I’ll tell you all about it next week, promise.  Besitos, amigos!

Note: I have NO idea why the photos are sideways on my iPad, but show up correctly (vertically) on my laptop. Anyone else having this problem?


  1. Wow, you are SO lucky to be liviing in CA…those missions…wow. I LOVE LOVE visiting them…My gf lived in Dana Point for a few years and boy did I take advantage of her proximity to all the cool stuff out there. We visited everything!!!! ( We’re here on LI…where ppl flock to the beaches and to gawk at the celebs…we never go to the beach..well hardly and it’s the LI Sound at that…not the Atlantic…and running into Billy Joel or Howard Stern? Bah. Who cares. Celebb sightings are just a reason for more traffic…I know- I’m a celeb grouch. Plus, we’re so middle class and they’re so McMansion that it’s kinda sickening.
    NEXT summer, we are aiming for south CA and the SW of the USA…this past summer was central midwest and northern UT, CO, CA.
    THANK YOU for the fun, the awesome pics. PRAYERS friend for your trip and I cannot wait to see pics of the whole weekend as well as Sunday with Cari.:)

    Chris recently posted…Theme Thursday: “Out” 9/26/13My Profile

  2. oooo fun…playing with photos! I think I love the last one too!
    Amelia recently posted…The way to a girl’s heart is through a guinea pig.My Profile

  3. Thanks so much for the link to the missions. It was because I wanted to visit the first mission in the entire chain, which is here in Loreto, BCS, that we ended up living in Mexico!
    Anna recently posted…Cooking with Padre: Salsa con chicharronesMy Profile

  4. Yeah, the photos are sideways on my phone, straight on the computer. Either way they are beautiful, I am a sucker for both arches doorways and moody filters.

    Hope your trip is going well!
    Rebekah Es recently posted…Wanna See the Beach House Part IIMy Profile

  5. Love the shot! Now you just have to head up the coast and stop by Carmel Mission. 😉
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