Mama: Theme Thursday

The mamas in my life:

My very own bestest-in-the-world mama (and a drunken Ezekiel?):

My daddy’s mama, Grandma Betty, who is fierce and loving and holy and a force to be reckoned with:

My mama by marriage, and a better mother in law than I deserve or ever could have hoped for:

Kevin’s Grandma Henrietta, just recently passed into heaven:

Not pictured: my very camera shy Granny, and Kevin’s Grandma Mary who passed long ago.

We are blessed many times over to have these wonderful examples of loving mothers.  Love all of you to itty bitty pieces!


Now for this week’s project:

I decided to let the kids capture their favorite part of me in a photo.  This was awfully hard for me, Type A that I am.  First I had to relinquish control of my preciousssss camera.  Then, I had to allow someone to take a picture of me.  (I do not like this.  Oh, no.  I really do not.)  And then, and THEN, I had to resist the urge to Photoshop the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of my crows feet, wrinkles, blemishes, and double chin.  If that’s not a mother’s love for her children, I don’t know what is.

And now: my children’s mama, in their own photography:

Gianna: I like your from your shoulders up to your head, and your hair the best. (Um, you mean my face?) Yeah, I like your face.  (Thanks, babe. I like your face, too.)

Aliya: I like your hair the best.  No, not like that.  Can you make it go over your shoulder?  [47 clicks and recompositions before…] Yes!  That’s a good picture!  (Type A/photographer in the making, perhaps?)

Gabriel: I like your hair.  [One click] Okay, all done. [Runs off to sword fight with the bushes.]

Ezekiel: Nurse?  (Uuummmmm, no.  How about my eyes?)  Okay, Mommy.  You eyes.

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers, soon to be mothers, people with mothers, and pretty much anyone.  Celebrate!

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  1. What beautiful mom’s! A great idea to have your kids each take photos of their favorite thing about you. Very cute.

  2. You have your mother’s beautiful hair.

    And I love your concept of letting your kids take pictures of you! So sweet. Years from now, they’ll look back at this post and have such good memories of .

    I can’t pick which picture is my favorite. They’re all so good for so many reasons. And Ezekiel’s first suggestion was hilarious.

    • I feel like you were the inspiration for the idea, but I can’t remember the exact post. Anyway, they all turned out okay, in their own way. Even if I do die inside just a little bit every time I look at my crow’s feet. 😉

  3. This is so wonderful, where to begin??? You are so blessed to have so many awesome mamas in your life!! I hope you know this!

    Your kids have awesome names, I don’t think I ever saw them listed. Just awesome. I can actually see you from their eyes, what an inspired idea. And I must add that what they see is just so stinking beautiful! You have the greatest eyes, and thank you from the rest of us who have far, far, far more than crow’s feet to deal with for not photoshopping.

    • Rebekah, you are so so great for my self esteem. I want to hire you as my personal cheerleader. Have I mentioned that? I think I have.

      And yes re. being blessed. These women are incredible.

  4. Your mom and your hubby’s mom look soooo young! Drunk Ezekiel cracked me up and Gianna trying to describe your face – precious. Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. It’s neat to see how much of your mother is in you!

    You DO have beautiful eyes. And eyebrows! That’s kind of a genetic-obsession thing (don’t be frightened . . .). Nobody gets beauty points in my family unless they have gorgeous eyebrows.

  6. What a great approach to today’s theme! Beautiful pictures!

  7. Awwwwww, first of all, I loved each photo of the moms in your life, and then, the pictures of what your kiddos like best about you…LOVE that!
    Happy mother’s day!

  8. What a great idea to have them capture their favorite thing! And to have such an amazing team of mamas on your side!

  9. I love your pictures…and what a beautiful idea letting your kids take a picture of you. All the moms in your family are beautiful.

  10. Awwwwww!!! I love, love, love your take on this! The pictures of you are beautiful and especially so because those are the things your kids love the most! Every mom should ask their child to do this!

  11. Oh, what a great idea to do with your kids!

    “My daddy’s mama, Grandma Betty, who is fierce and loving and holy and a force to be reckoned with”. This right there describes my Grandma Betty to a T. She’s my dad’s mom….yep, everything fits!

    Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

  12. Ha I love his lopsided eyes in that first picture! And what an awesome assignment for your kids – love how they captured you 🙂 And don’t call them crow’s feet – they’re smile lines! If you didn’t have any, what kind of life would that be?

  13. Hahahahahaha, Zeke! I love it! I also love how Gianna managed to cut out your chin(s). Lol, I know you saw that and said, “YES! No Photoshop required!” You know I love you! I have my double chin too. It doesn’t matter if I lose weight, it will always make it’s way into photos. Even skinny little Lacy has it happen to her.