The Letter W: Theme Thursday

It’s time I faced facts.  I cannot have more than one hobby at a time.  Or at least, not if I hope to do them well.  My goal of Reading More Books this month is being haphazardly achieved, but my only other personal (as in: not for the family or the kids, but just something I do because I love it) hobbies (photography and blogging) are feeling the effects.

Evidence: It’s not until Wednesday afternoon that I scramble around looking for a) the theme for Theme Thursday (where does Cari hide that dang meme anyway?!), b) a subject that will fit that theme, and c) the time with which to photograph it.  It’s… it’s just sad, that’s what it is.  Truthfully, I almost threw in the towel on this one.   But as you may have noticed, I say that almost every week, and yet I keep a-comin’ back, cause I love me some Theme Thursday, even if I have to get snarky and/or sassy to post a link to it.

As always, it came to me in the eleventh hour.  This time, quite literally: it was 11 pm Wednesday when I thought of this one.  What can I say?  I had to finish reading my copy of Pope Awesome that came in the mail today before I could even think about photog-ing blogging.)


f/ 2.2, 1/125th, ISO 800

I’m still using iPiccy, which is clearly becoming my favorite editing program, in spite of the it-should-be-embarrassing fact that it is $Free.99.  I used the “curve” tool for the first time to get the background really dark.  And then I found the “bokeh” tool.  Hello, blurry bubbles of light and happiness!  Cropped it a bit and uploaded that puppy, right quick!  (Right quick?  Who am I, anyway?)

In case you want to see the difference, here is the original:


Can’t you just hear Gordon from Sesame Street?  “Today’s episode brought to you by the number 15, and the letter W!”


Okay, fine.  head on over to Cari’s casa for more Theme Thursday loveliness.  And if you haven’t already, order her book!  It’s an inspiring read and chock full of hilarity.


  1. Mmmmmmm, whiskey. You will be my first drink after labor (or maybe right as it’s beginning, if my husband can convince me!)
    Colleen Martin recently posted…Les Cinq FavorisMy Profile

  2. That whiskey looks good. I like your work in iPiccy. It looks much more skilled and expensive than free. I’d proclaim that loudly to the world.
    Madeline recently posted…Theme Thursday: WMy Profile

    • It really is a great tool. I actually find it more user friendly that Photoshop in nearly every way. I have yet to reinstall PS, and I’m wondering if I even should.

  3. Nice editing! I just started Pope Awesome too!
    Catherine recently posted…WWRW: NFP, Indians, and James HerriotMy Profile

  4. Oooh, nice editing! That looks way cool.

    And I really like your inspiration for W. Mmmm, whiskey. 🙂
    Cathy W recently posted…Theme Thursday: Letter WMy Profile

  5. Love, love, love!!!
    The inspiration and the editing!!
    Joy recently posted…Day 23 : EducationMy Profile

  6. Oh, whiskey sounds so good right now. It’s sooooo horrible to crave this while pregnant. But it is oh so yummy. I want to try that new Honey and Maple whiskey. Perhaps after baby girl arrives I can have some for Thanksgiving and Christmas. =) I love iPiccy too. I used it to make my header. So fun!
    Natalie recently posted…Theme Thursday ~ Double, Orange, and Letter W ( or Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch)My Profile

  7. I love you, Micaela, I laughed all the way through this. Love your photo, the editing is fab. I’m just hoping the whiskey was downed before the ice melted!
    Rebekah Es recently posted…In Search of WMy Profile

    • Here’s a little secret: I don’t even like whiskey. Not straight, anyway. But it is the prettiest liquor to photograph. So rich in color.

  8. That is some great editing…seriously!!
    Amelia recently posted…Pretty Happy, Funny, Real, Theme Thursday: Letter WMy Profile

  9. That is a gorgeous picture. Seriously. And now I want whisky. One in the afternoon isn’t too early, is it?
    Only we don’t have whisky. Bring some. Stat.
    Cari recently posted…Theme Thursday: WMy Profile

    • No. Not too early. It was “after noon,” after all. Of course, by now it’s 5 o’clock, so bottoms up!

      Next time I come, I will bring gifts of whiskey and tequila. It may be years yet, but I’ll do it. 🙂

  10. Oh wow. That top picture is LUSH, and I don’t even drink the brown liquors.
    Lisa recently posted…Theme Thursday: “W” (also: “Secret”)My Profile