Leaves and Trees: Theme Thursdays

Joining up again for Theme Thursdays at Clan Donaldson.  Yippee for photos! If you haven’t been over there yet, you should go.  And if you like photos, trees, leaves, or all of the above, be sure to submit a photo.  You can submit via your own blog or on the Clan Donaldson Facebook Page if you don’t have one.

Praise the Lord for snow!  

I have been tuh-ryyying to take beautiful not terribly ugly and boring photos for several days now, and having a terrible time of it.  Then today we got a bit of snow and all of a sudden those dreary, barren, boooooooring trees and leaves became interesting and fun to photograph.

(I used my new 50mm f/1.8 lens for all of these shots.)

F/2.2, 1/500, ISO200

F/1.8, 1/320, ISO200

F/2.2, 1/500, ISO200

The first three (above) were shot in RAW.  I think my favorite thing about that is that when I open them up in PSE I get all these cool sliding controls for vibrance, clarity, etc.  It seems so much easier than going through each modification individually.

In case you can’t tell, for the first and third photo I played around with the depth of field (in the camera, not editing).  The 50mm lens is far from a macro lens, but it seems to get such a nice concentrated focus that it highlights detail well?  Do I sound like I know what I’m talking about?  Cause I really don’t!  These are just impressions, people.  Quick!  Someone with knowledge say something in the comments boxes!

The following are all shots of the same tree.  I was trying to figure out how to make them into a collage (hint, hint, Donaldson- tutorial, please) but I got tired.  Now I am just putting them here so you can see the difference between the smaller and larger  f-stops- still with the same 50mm lens.

F/1.8, 1/640, ISO200

F/13, 1/10, ISO200

 This photo (above) is so awkward.  I took it while talking to a friend and it was the only photo of the whole tree that I got.

F/2.8, 1/200, ISO200

One thing that drives me nuts: the cold white winter light.  Give me golden glow, and give it soon!  What about you?  Do you like white light or do you prefer the yellow/gold light of summer?


  1. I am coveting your new lens. f/1.8? Yes please. The bokeh in your pictures is gorgeous now- I can only imagine what it’ll look like when it’s golden summery light back there.

    Collage tutorial- consider it done. It’s pretty easy in PSE.

  2. I really like your close up of the snow. It actually looks like the feathery seeds from white dandilions.

    • Thank you, Natalie. I was really struck my the texture too. Not having grown up in snow, the idea that you can see individual flakes never made sense to me until we moved here.

  3. You totally look and sound like you know what you are talking about! I’m not sure I understood half of what you said, but your pictures are gorgeous, carry on. My favorite is the top one, such tiny leave, such delicate flakes.

  4. First and third are my favorites. Are you using manual focus? If so, do you use a tripod? I LOVE the bokeh! How do you pronounce “bokeh” anyway?

    • OK, no way to manual focus. I tried it the other day and what did I get? Somehow I was digitally zooming instead of focusing. Must go read manual.

      I think bokeh rhymes with mocha. Which may explain why I like it so much.

  5. great pics!

  6. Love the 2nd and 3rd shots! Am I missing something concerning a bokeh?? 😉

  7. So pretty!!! I love all the different types of trees/bushes you got. And that lens is perfection!!

  8. I LOVE the close ups — I have such a hard time with those!! You did a great job!!!

  9. The new lens! Fantastical!

    I’m ready for some golden light for sure…

  10. #2 and #4… breathtaking!

  11. very awesome photographs.

  12. Just beautiful! Nothing like a bit of snow to make things look a bit magical. You have me drooling for a big girl camera! But it’s lent…nooooooooo! Easter present maybe? hehe