Girls: Theme Thursday

Do you know what I did when I found out my firstborn was going to be a girl? I almost threw up, that’s what. My first thought was, “A girrrrrl?” What am *I* going to do with a girl?!”

Quick early life recap:

I was born a second child, with an older brother.
18 months later, another brother was born
18 months after that, another brother
3 years later, another brother
18 months after him, yet another brother
3 years later, another brother (my parents let me pick his middle name, they felt sooooo badly for me by this time)
Almost 2 years later, another brother

It wasn’t until I was nearly sixTEEN years old, I got my lifelong wish of a little sister.  Since then I’ve gotten two more, and they are all truly wonderful.  Here is one who is celebrating her high school graduation today very far away from here.

Happy Graduation, sweet Anne Marie!  I so wish I could be there to hug you tight.

(Apparently those stunning different-colored eyes are
a genetic deformity. Go figure.)

But back to me. In high school and college I made some very special girlfriends, but I’ve still never thought of myself as super-feminine. I like to do “girly” things, but somehow they don’t even make it on my radar unless someone else suggests them.

Suffice it to say that being a mother to girls is very difficult for me, but it’s also really good for me. I stumbled across this excellent blog post a couple months back and it was so refreshing.  April at My Feminine Mind shares her thoughts on the terms “girly-girls” and “tomboys.” My favorite line is this one:

“The truth is, both of my girls are feminine, because they are both girls, and it is they who define what it means to be feminine, not a stereotype.”  

It fits for my family, too.

Here are my girls:


To whom being a girl means skating, coloring, playing with friends, and climbing climbing climbing anything with a height taller than her own.


To whom being a girl means doing her hair (and make-up when Mom allows), taking care of babies, and having special stolen moments with me.

Here they both are last week on the last day of school.  They decided to dress up to celebrate.

And on a far more typical day like today:

Finally, because this just happened today and it touched me dearly:

Among our very limited toys (everything else was packed up and shipped yesterday) is some silly putty. Gianna made a book which was secret until she finished it.

This is what it says:

“This is me and I think that I am good.” (“Good” was supposed to be “beautiful’ but it wouldn’t fit.)

If this struggling girl-mama had anything to do with that idea, then it’s by God’s grace alone.

Head on over to Clan Donaldson for more girlyness. (Why does that sound dirty?)


  1. As always, love this.
    And my heart is full to the point of pain, when I read that “I think that I am good”. Oh! Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone honestly believed that they were good and acted accordingly? Bliss.

    Your girls are beautiful, inside and out.

  2. Just beautiful–the girls and the post, too. (And I love your sister’s eyes. I knew a girl who had one blue eye and one half blue/half brown one. She was such a pretty girl, but somehow those eyes made her more so.)

    • My sister’s eyes are totally intriguing. Sometimes I feel jealous, but then I just remember I can be proud of having such cool eyes in my family.

  3. Sisters are awesome, I love my three sisters and I hope Maggie gets one some day! I can’t believe you have all those boys in your family!! It’s good to know that Maggie still has a chance of 1) turning out awesome with tons of brothers and 2) getting a sister somewhere down the line.

  4. Great pictures! Loving the secret book!

    Being one of three sisters taught me that there are many ways to be feminine ~ something with God’s grace I hope to pass on to my girls!

    • I’m glad you learned it young. I still struggle with thinking I’m not “feminine enough.” ButI’m getting over it… Slowly.

  5. My brother graduates high school tomorrow. You have such gorgeous girls in your family. Quite blessed I think.

    • Thanks, Madeline. Congrats to your little brother. Do you have a big family, or just a gap between sibs? Always so curious about other families.

  6. I love pictures of your girls – they look SO much like you and your husband and it’s so fun to pick out the different features that they take from both of you 🙂

  7. You are amazing and I can relate on so many levels. When my AnneMarie was born, even after three boys, I didn’t know how I would mother a girl. Yours are just beautiful, like their mama! And your sister’s different colored eyes are phenomenal! So jealous of that! Both quotes are excellent and such a truth.

    And dimples!!! More jealousy!

    • Funny thing about the dimples. Kevin has 2 and I have 1. First and third children have 2, second and fourth have 1. God knows I love symmetry. 😉

  8. This was a fun post to read. I also grew up with all boys and not too sure how the girl thing works.

    I had two sons and then a daughter and I had her in boy baby clothes for awhile till I surrendered to the pink!

  9. Beautiful post – and I lovelovelove the hanging-upside-down photo!

  10. Your girls are adorable!

    LOL – your story of siblings sounds like my dad…7 boys and 2 girls. Lots of those boys came while trying to get a sister for the older girl!

    I had the same worry when I had a girl…what do I do with a “girl”? Thankfully, both are tomboys. 🙂

  11. I love that hanging upside down photo! So awesome!

    Your girls are beautiful..(as is your sister).

  12. Sigh sigh sweet sigh and an “aww” Amazing. And I’m dying to know how your momma did it?!?!?!

  13. Beautiful girls! Boys were my worst nightmare before I had kids and then God sent me 4 girls in a row and I know He is laughing! I only have one brother so I cannot really relate to any of it 🙂

  14. So sweet!