Fences: Theme Thursday

I mentioned that my rules for link-ups this week would be that they had to be in addition to the “7 Posts in 7 Days.”  If you know me at all, you know I don’t ever like missing a Theme Thursday.  So with all this writing this week, plus a couple articles I’m trying to get together for Catholic Exchange, I decided to take it easy on myself and the kids and just snap this week’s photo in the yard even though I have boring fences.  (Besides, I already took my kiddos on a field trip to Griffith Observatory this week.  Lots of photos at that link!)

Correction: I thought I had boring fences.

I’ve decided to name my image this week “Scandalous.”

Can you see it?  Pleeeeeeeease tell me you can see it.

f/4, 1/80th, ISO 1000

Can you see it? Pleeeeeeeease tell me you can see it.

There’s a chance my imagination ran away with me, so I’ll give you a “pencil sketch” version which may show more clearly why I think this photo is hilarious.


NOW do you see it?

Okay, well I am terrible at jokes and I have weird sense of humor, so just in case… What *I* see is one fence post whispering to the other.  Clearly it is something shocking because the other fence post reacts in horror.

Yes? Yes? No?

Well, either way, you should definitely head over to Cari @ Clan Donaldson for less scandalous fences.


  1. I saw it! If fences could talk…
    Mary recently posted…{p,h,f,r} at the Children’s MuseumMy Profile

  2. So so wonderful. 🙂
    Madeline recently posted…Theme Thursday: FencesMy Profile

  3. So, I saw it once you explained it! 🙂
    Amelia @ One Catholic Mama recently posted…The Mysterious House Next DoorMy Profile

  4. I could see right away that they were talking to each other. How funny!
    Divina recently posted…interview with lydia grace kadar-kallen (and a giveaway)My Profile

  5. Rebekah Es says:

    Oh, they see what happens around your house!

  6. I see it; more so in the bottom one.
    Too fun!
    Joy recently posted…Theme Thursday: FencesMy Profile

  7. I see it AND I laughed at it. It could be telling a shocking secret or trying to smooch on the other plank, either way, that other plank is not having any of it!!
    Christy recently posted…Theme Thursday – FencesMy Profile

  8. Ha ha! Once you pointed it out I saw it and cracked up. Oh the things we notice when we take a moment to actually look 🙂
    Laura recently posted…7 in 7 and Theme ThursdayMy Profile

  9. Ha! I actually saw a dog in the left post–the hole is the nose.

  10. Love it!! The x’s on the eyes made me wonder if they were dead. Or maybe that’s just my weird sense of humor? 😀
    Cathy W recently posted…Theme Thursday: FencesMy Profile

  11. I feel totally dense…I totally don’t. I’m pretty sure I’m dense. 🙂
    maia recently posted…Do you hear the people sing?My Profile

  12. Okay, there are a number of posts prior to this one that I’ve thought, “I’m going to comment because this post is (insert awesome, funny, insightful, so sweet, etc)! Fast forward to today, and here I am posting on this post that made me laugh so much the week you posted it! Love this picture! It’s so great! So funny! Haha, thank you for sharing your humor and amazing photography skills!
    Amanda recently posted…The Light of LentMy Profile