Dozen: Theme Thursday

Tonight I’m doing what all procrastinating middle-class American parents are doing: online Christmas shopping and trying to work on our Christmas picture.  Sure, I glanced through the photos after Thanksgiving, and then again last week when we had our second photo shoot.  But since I didn’t see anything that popped out as immediately remarkable, I thought I’d let them simmer, you know?  Perhaps after a week or so they’d better?  Less crazy?  Prettier?  More in focus?

Apparently digital photography doesn’t work that way.

After receiving our first 2 cards in the mail today (I’m looking at you, Renee and Emily D.) panic set in.  So I completely set aside all plans for Theme Thursday and decided to hunt down the perfect card.  And hunt I did.  Until tears of laughter and tears of sorrow mingled on my cheeks.  Because among the hundred or so pics I got, not one is good.  Not one, according to my annoyingly high standards, is even acceptable.  Lots of factors of course, but the common denominator  was the subject of the sweet birth story I wrote yesterday.


Sweet heavens but that child is spastic in group photos.  He’s a perfect angel when he’s on his own (see center photo below) but in a group?  Fuggedaboutit.  I’m not even exaggerating when I say Gabriel Ruined Our 2013 Christmas Photo.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s proof:

One Dozen Ways Gabriel Ruined Our 2013 Christmas Photo

Gabe Collage

There you have it, kids.  A sneak peek of the crazy that will soon be arriving in your mailboxes and/or posted on ye olde blog.

Got a dozen donuts?  A dozen kids?  A dozen reasons for not showering?  Snap a photo and link it up with Clan Donaldson.  Happy Dozens Day!


  1. LOL – Great dozen!! I have a brother just like that. And nah, your little didn’t ruin the cards, that’s just how he is, right? So it is perfect for Christmas cards. 😉
    Cathy W recently posted…Theme Thursday: DozenMy Profile

  2. The one of his sticking his tongue out below the top left corner tongue picture is actually kinda cute. How’s the rest of that picture? I mean he is definitely not perfect, but it shows character, and his eyes are smiling which is better than some of them. 🙂 He’s such a cutie though. Goodness look at the dimples!
    Madeline recently posted…Theme Thursday: DozenMy Profile

  3. I am dying laughing over here! What a great dozen!

  4. A card of outtakes it is 🙂 Or maybe Photoshop?
    Annery recently posted…{Theme Thursday} DozenMy Profile

  5. Christmas card picture taking stresses me out… Our photo card taking session lasted all of 7.5 minutes and included three acceptable individual pictures (one for each girl) and no group picture! Needless to say I did not do a repeat session for a group pic. I just found a good card for 3 individuals! Yep… I am a cheater : )
    Joanne recently posted…Theme Thursday – DozenMy Profile

  6. That was The Jude for every Christmas picture until this year’s. I’m not kidding. He either refused to smile (good years) or straight up sobbed (most years).
    Cari recently posted…Theme Thursday: DozenMy Profile

  7. These pictures are hilarious! Unfortunately every picture where the boys were BOTH actually smiling their goofy toddler/baby smiles the hubby was MIA in the face. I ended up picking the one where he’s looking down at the smiling baby and the rest of us are all teeth and sparkles. It’s just going to have to do 🙂 Really love the dozen outtakes! Such a cutie!
    Amanda recently posted…TT: A Half-Dozen BuildMy Profile

  8. Beautiful, Micaela, love it! We have one o’ them hams, too…never a clean shot! B

  9. Excuse me for disagreeing, but that kid ruined exactly NOTHING!!!! What a doll, seriously.
    Rebekah Es recently posted…Theme Thursday: Lights! Or Bad Photos, Happy BirthdaysMy Profile