Cold: Theme Thursday

Yesterday (Wednesday) was 93 degrees here in Southern California.  It’s been warm since… well, since summer.  And I’m so so tired of it.  I’m not asking for snow or anything. but is it too much to ask for twilight to roll in with a snap in the air?  A gust of foggy breath in the morning?  A daytime high below… 80?  Am I being unreasonable?

Sigh.  Perhaps.

am looking forward to a winter without all the snow gear, so I guess I should just stop complaining.  But… green grass and all that.

My submission for Theme Thursday: Cold is from last year.  Here is baby Zeke – age 19 months – in one of my favorite all time photos of him.  A good luck shot as I knew next to nothing about lighting or composition.  (Implying that I know something now?)



The lovely and formidable Mary Kate is hosting Theme Thursday this week.  Get thee there to see real-time snow and other such novelties.


  1. Oh that is a wonderful shot!! And yeah green grass because here we’d call 93 hot. 🙂
    Madeline recently posted…Theme Thursday: ColdMy Profile

  2. I don’t know what adjective will be more difficult to live up to: lovely or formidable… 😉

    I LOVE Zeke’s eyes. LOVE. He is going to have his pick of the ladies!

    • Lovely and formidable? Giiiiiirrrrllll, you all that AND a bag of chips.

      I can’t decide if Zeke will kill me now or in his teens/early twenties. Either way, he’s the most likely to cause a heart attack.

  3. Great shot! Those eyes!!
    Joy recently posted…Theme Thursday: Cold!!My Profile

  4. Awesome shot…he looks so mysterious! And, I totally hear you on the longing for cooler weather…after spending 3 years in Fl, I appreciate the cold (or so I tell myself to keep the complaining at bay).
    Amelia @ One Catholic Mama recently posted…Cold and SufferingMy Profile

  5. His eyes are just so incredibly intent in this photo. Way to capture a moment!
    Rebekah Es recently posted…Theme Thursday: ColdMy Profile

  6. My kids are in the back yard playing on the slip n slide.

    So. Hot.
    Kendra recently posted…Handmade Jesse Tree Set Tutorial (in expert, intermediate, and novice versions)My Profile

  7. OMG! Should I bring my shorts and tank top for Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara??? Tell me you’re further inland. Tell me that it’s cooler on the coast. I don’t think we had a single day over 90 degrees here in the DESERT of MEXICO all year! What’s going on? Did we switch weather systems?
    Anna recently posted…Five Favorites – November 12My Profile

    • You’re in luck. It has cooled off significantly over the weekend. I’m jealous you’re going to be in S.B. for Thanksgiving. That’s my alma mater and I miss it sorely. Have a great time!

  8. That shot is just breathtaking, and it _feels_ breathtaking like the way walking out into that piercing cold of a snow-day takes away your breath. Wow. You captured all that in a picture. <3
    Christie @ Everything to Someone recently posted…Liturgical Living: Educating the Whole ChildMy Profile

    • Thank you, Christie. This was possibly the first shot I ever took that made me do that deep inhale. Like, wow. I’m glad it came through to you too.