Bright: Theme Thursday

Hopping in lickety-split for some belated Theme Thursday action. We’ve been camping for the last 2 days, and now we’re at a friend’s cabin. Family is taking up all my precious time, so excuse the brevity.

These photos were taken at my parents’ homestead over Easter weekend. I went for a walk with one of my sisters-in-love, Sarah, and we were able to capture some pretty shots during the Golden Hour. These are my favorites, although I have to say, she caught the best one -not pictured here- on her camera. (Is it a Canon, Sarah?) Maybe there is something to that whole which-camera-is-better debate, after all.

Anyhoo, taken on my Sony Nex 3, but edited with the Snapseed app on the iPad. What say you?

A pretty little weed called shepherd’s purse.


Another angle, same time of day. I also played with the contrast in editing.


Look at that pretty lady.


And the last one is a pretty little wildflower whose name escapes me. But her sunny little face always makes me smile.


Hope your weekend is as bright as mine! Go visit Cari and Co. for more Theme Thursday brightness.

Edited to add: my friend Bobbi’s sister lost her baby during labor yesterday. Would you all please send up a prayer for the healing of that family? I’m sure Baby Joan is safe in God’s care, but I’m equally sure that Elena and her family are broken-hearted. Thanks in advance.


  1. Hi Micaela, your photos are gorgeous. I think my favorite is the second one. I love the lighting! Also, thanks so much for the prayers for Elena and her family. The shock is finally subsiding and the sorrow is settling in. Thankfully, we know deep down that Joan is safe in the hands of Our Lord and Our Lady and we have a little saint/prayer warrior up there. She is in good company with her little cousins who have gone before her. One day, we pray, we’ll be together forever.
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