Bodies: Theme Thursday

I think maybe C. Donaldson of the Clan Fame perhaps had my suggestions in mind when she chose this week’s theme.  After all, I think my responses to “ideas for upcoming Theme Thursday posts” were 92% body related.  Ne’ertheless, when I saw it, I just thought of Warm Bodies which is, if I’m not mistaken… a vampire movie?  Or TV show?  Or something?  (I’m so uncool.  So hopelessly uncool.)

Sorry. No vampires ’round these parts.  Just the same old kids I keep throwin’ at ya every Thursday.  (Seriously though… when will they leave?) (I jest!  I love them!)

To spice things up this week, I finally tried using an “action” on my photos.  I downloaded this one a couple months ago but never tried it because when I watched a general tutorial on actions it was all:

Create new layer (lost me already, buddy)
Use the selection tool to create a clipping mask (hey, watch it. i’ll clip your mask!))
Flatten image (uh, I don’t have a 3D camera.  it’s already flat)*

And so on and so forth.  If by “forth”, you mean “to the most confusing place on Earth.”

So tonight, as I threw together these photos (when I actually should have been packing for the Memorial Day Weekend Extravagaaaaaaannnnnnnzzzzzaaaaa- yeah baby!) I decided to give it one last try.  You know, so you guys don’t quit me like a bad habit.  Guess what?!  With this action, all you have to do is click a button and then watch the magic happen!  Okay, almost.

Original 1:

Coffee Shop Perfect Portraits 3 Action:

What’s that?  You can’t tell a difference?  Well then it must be your computer.  Or your eyes.  Or your bad attitude.  Cause it most definitely wasn’t my lack of technical knowledge that mess this one up.  Heavens no.


Same Coffee Shop Action:

Why does Ezekiel always look drunk?  He imbibes no actual alcohol, pinky promise.

What do YOU know about actions?  Favorites?  Tips for not being a fool about using them?

You know the Theme Thursday drill.  Off with thee.

Have a great Memorial Day everyone!  I’ll be sipping Coronas and watching my kids play in the sand, escaping the crazy packing life for a few days.

*Not the actual instructions, or the proper order for the instructions.  But they were instructions like these!  And they confused the hell out of me!!!!


2 bonus things: (extra credit if you read them.)  (not really)

1) When we get back to the States. my inability to get anything done on time will reveal itself.  It’s been nice having a 16 hour jump start on life these last couple of years.

2) I really struggled with whether or not to use kids-in-the-bath photos because apparently there is some registry where  you get listed if you email/post such photos.  A) Is this true?  and B)  What the hell has become of our society that we can no longer see innocence or purity in a child’s body?!  Makes me boiling mad.  Consider this my civil disobedience.


  1. Ha! I wondered what “Civil Disobedience” meant on your link thumbnail.
    Registry for bathtub pictures? *sigh* It’s things like that which send me praying for the Second Coming.

    Love the pictures. Love the innocence. Love that innocence is still in existence.

  2. BUBBLES! Such fun pictures! I don’t know about a registry, but I’ll support your civil disobedience. Haha! God bless you!

  3. I cannot tell you how you crack me up, and I am so not a cracker upper. I love the photos, hate that it is civil disobedience, and I can absolutely see the difference in your actions, and not just because I have a great attitude.

    nd I do not have a fancy camera so I have no idea what the heck you are talking about. I do use picasa where I push a button that says like warmify or lomoish and that is the extent of my knowledge.

    Have a corona or three for me! Three is my limit though, sorry.

    • Rebekah, I can honestly say that cracking you up is one of the highlights of my blogging life. Srsly.

      It’s not how many Coronas you have. It’s how much fun you have while drinking them. I bet you have a lot of fun.

  4. There is nothing but innocence in these photos. I love them!

    I like the originals best. Am I supposed to?

  5. Ugh, Warm Bodies is a ZOMBIE movie. What am I going to do with you?? I didn’t even get to finish reading this post and I had to comment.

  6. Clean bodies!!

    ..and so many many bubbles. them be good times!

  7. Bath pics are so so cute! I can’t wait to see if you’re timely when you get back to the USA, I forgot you had that advantage over the rest of us shmucks!

  8. Great pictures. I’ll admit I couldn’t tell the difference in the first set, but I like the change in the second! Have a great weekend.

  9. I love those bath time pics…they are absolutely adorable! Sorry..I can’t tell a difference either and I know nothing about any fancy photography stuff, but those pictures are adorable.

    I admire your civil disobedience too…I have no idea about a registry, but I will admit that I was too chicken to post any bathtub or adorable nakey baby photos or anything like that because I don’t want the authorities knocking at my door.

  10. What kind of bubbles do you use? Those are epic! I think there’s only a registry if it is a full body shot. These would probably not count since it’s shoulders up and a random foot. 🙂

  11. I love bathtub pictures. These are simply adorable!

  12. Those bubbles are AMAZING!!! I was going to post a picture of baby butts but then I remembered that back before I shared my blog, my most popular post was one with a picture of John Paul’s backside when he was wearing nothing but loafers. Like, it had HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of views as opposed to the lke, 5 that other posts had. Soooo I took that picture down and realized that probably I should post pictures of butts anymore…

    But the bath pictures look totally clean (literally! HA!) and I don’t think you’ll get in any trouble 🙂

  13. I love those bubbly bathtime boys…and I can tell the difference in the shots, but I think I like the originals better, too! Looking at your photos is one of the highlights of my week. 🙂

  14. I love your little guy with his head barely popping out of the bubbles. haha! The pics look great. Oh and Warm Bodies is zombies, not vampires. 😉

  15. I’m just laughing. Love it!
    My mom (I’m 25 years old) recently lectured me on your above listed “bonus” questions…in one ear and out the other, in a healthy sort of way!