There are No Barns in L.A.: Theme Thursday

There are no barns in L.A.

Fine.  There are some barns in L.A.  But there were no barns in L.A. that I could reasonably get to for a photo shoot today.  Because of course I shoot my Theme Thursday photos on Wednesday.  When else is there?  Prepare, you say?  Plan ahead, you suggest?

Hi, I’m Micaela.  We obviously have not met.

So, anyway.  No barns.  I did get a couple of good last minute suggestions on my Facebook feed today, so I plan to try Walt’s Barn this weekend.  If I tell my kids it was Walt Disney’s place, maaaaayyyybeeee they won’t roll their eyes quite so high up into their heads when asked to pose AAAAAgain.

In lieu of barns, I went to an equestrian center in our old neck of the woods, Altadena.  The girls posed for approximately 30 seconds before spending 30 minutes repeatedly rolling down a grassy hill.  Fun times.


f/ 7.1, 1/80th, ISO 640; Low Key effect added

Those are the San Gabriel Mountains.  Not being a native Angeleno, I long ago told Kevin I didn’t want to live in L.A.  Ever.  But then I conceded that if we could live on the ocean or near the mountains, I would think about it.  Beach towns are reeeediculously expensive, so up in the mountains we went.  And actually, while there are lots of things I don’t like about L.A., these mountains are a gift to me every day.  I love them and they love me, I’m quite sure of it.


f/ 7.1, 1/60th, ISO 1600; Lomo effect with vignette

Aliya’s boots, all scuffed from not-horse-riding or doing anything equestrian, although she would die from joy if she were able to do something like that.

Let’s chat about photography for a second, shall we?  Or maybe about life?  A little of both, I think.  Back when I was in Korea, I knew we were there for a finite amount of time.  I made sure to go on trips all over the town to experience the culture.  Now, being back here, we’ve got lots of school-ish and family-ish things going on, so I don’t get to any really unusual places.  I’m considering making myself a list of places to visit and trying to do a Life in LA photo dump every month.  What say you?  Do you have any places that you absolutely wish I would visit and photograph?  Let me know.

Also, do any of you photographers out there have suggestions for me?  Like, “Micaela I reeeeeeeally like your photography but I think you could kick it up a notch by practicing {insert skill here}.”  I’m up for constructive criticism if you’ve got it.

Head on over to Clan Donaldson for more accurately titled photos of barns.  Because some people do actually have them nearby, apparently.


  1. I love your not barn pictures. 🙂

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! I have one! I want you to go to Griffith Observatory. Oh my gosh so badly. Even though “Rebel Without A Cause” probably doesn’t have the most amazing message ever (or maybe in its time it *did*, but it’s since been co-opted by Occupiers and Professional Students On Daddy’s Dime and whatnot), but the scenes outside the observatory convinced me that it is a beautiful fusion of mental and physical beauty. So go there!

    I’ll have more, I’m sure. I’ve told Ken that if he ever gets us transferred to Cali, I will set up camp juuuuust outside the border since I’m not living in L.A. either, so you be my virtual tourguide.
    Cari recently posted…WWRW: Annotated BooksMy Profile

  3. When my sister was doing her Pediatric residency at Cedar Sinai Hospital, I went out with my best friend to visit her during Spring Break. Her cute apartment was right down the road from Venice Beach/Muscle Beach and we would rollerblade all over the place. It was so interesting to see the body builders working out and all the little shops and people walking around. I loved it!

    Also, being an East Coast gal, I have long been intrigued by In n Out Burger, if you could also make that happen 🙂
    Colleen Martin recently posted…When I Grow Up…My Profile

  4. I was fascinated by the LaBrea tarpits in Social Studies class when I was little. I’ve been to LA a few times, and my request to see the tarpits was always shot down with “That’s in serious hood!” Don’t put yourself in any unsafe situations, but saber-tooth tigers…please?

    I think your photos are beautiful and you should teach me everything you know.
    Jessica @ housewifespice recently posted…What We’re Reading Wednesday: Frances and New Baby BooksMy Profile

    • We just went to LA County Museum of Art, which is right next door to the tar pits. It was my first visit there! The kids are begging to go back so we can go inside the Tar Pit Museum, so I’ll definitely do that. OH! And the neighborhood now seems really nice. Very bank-ish, and not dangerous at all.
      Micaela recently posted…There are No Barns in L.A.: Theme ThursdayMy Profile

  5. Both pictures are wonderful but that boot shot ~ Wow!!

  6. You think you’re bad? There are TONS of barns around me EVERYWHERE, and I haven’t even taken my picture yet!
    Christie recently posted…Five Favorites (vol. 45)My Profile

  7. Lovely photos even without a barn. =)

  8. I love that boot picture and if you hadn’t said anythng, I woudl totally think that boot belonged to an exerienced equestrianne.

  9. Love your pictures! They totally capture the spirit of the barn. Your post was actually my prompt to start thinking, so you’re way on top of things in my book! I want pictures of warm things, California stereotypes…pretty much all the shots that I can imagine I’m warm in to get me to Spring.
    Annery recently posted…{Theme Thursday} BarnsMy Profile

  10. Great barnless photos! I’m so sorry you don’t have barns. It got me thinking about how many states do or do not have barns? Hmmm. Anyhow, don’t know much about LA, so any pictures you take will be wonderful to me 🙂
    Laura recently posted…Theme Thursday – BarnMy Profile

  11. There aren’t any barns where we live either, so I had to borrow one from way back a long time ago that I found in an old photo album. Love the boot photo. Looks barn-ish to me 🙂
    Ruth Anne recently posted…Theme Thursday {barn}My Profile

  12. I hauled the kids to SO MANY places when we lived in Korea. Now…not so much. Something about living outside of my comfort zone made me stretch that much more. LOVE the boot photo!
    maia recently posted…In Which We Think Barn-ish ThoughtsMy Profile

  13. The San Gabriel mountains make our road trips through the LA basin bearable. Actually, we go on the east side of the mountains and cut over on the 210 to get to the 126 to the coast, so we get a good closeup of the mountains as we go by. Pretty awesome!
    Anna recently posted…3 Reasons – January 2014 editionMy Profile

  14. Genevieve says:

    Have you tried Will Rogers State Park? This is a wonderful park with nice hikes, place to ride horses, place to picnic and good views at the top of inspiration point. They even have polo tournaments during summer. They also have hidden spots during the hike where Nazi Sympathizers stayed at…so it’s old buildings, old houses, etc all graffiti’d (I don’t think that’s a word but you get what I mean) on. My husband and I went on a hike there and he loved taking photos there! He too loves photography and we are always trying to look for places to shoot at in LA…but he likes the natural landscapes and views. Here is his site if you’re interested. If you look under Hiking Trails…that’s us hiking…At Will Rogers and Mt Baldy. I’m in the Indiana Jones hat! The old stove and house with graffiti is some of things you will see….it’s kind of eerie but mysterious. If you find any new LA gems to photograph I’d love to hear about them too!


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