Actually Quick Takes, I Pinky Promise!

Last week my Quick Takes were anything but, so this week I’m keeping it easy like Sunday morning.


Do you know this meme?

Look, look, look at mine!  First time ever!

I swear to you, that is how it looked!  Intense, right?
Ash envy anyone?


I am aware that number 1 makes me a nerd/weirdo in multiple categories.  Which is why it was number one.  To attract fellow nerd/weirdos.  Welcome!


A couple months ago I stumbled upon a Quick Takes where the blogger wrote about fish pedicures.  I commented and promised to post back when I had my first fish pedi.  Only I can’t remember where I saw it and now that I’ve had one, I really super duper must know who that blogger was.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Anyway, here are my feet with all the fishies.  (Avert eyes and scroll if squeamish)

I must do additional research in this area before dedicating a whole post to my feet.  Also, must get a tan. And an actual human pedicure.


If you didn’t leave after ~1~ and ~3~, then you deserve something for your loyalty/persistence/crazy.  Look!  Una cosita muy bella.

I got a menu planner from Sweet Tea Paperie and I am only, just slightly head-over-heels in LOVE with it!  So far the best thing about it: no dates. In case (or rather, when) I miss a week I don’t have to skip a page.  Used it today and it was AWEsome.


Valentines paleo pancakes with homemade whipped cream!  Thanks, Mimi!  (Can you believe I was able to find the heart-shaped pancake mold 2 years later?  I KNOW!  Me, neither.)

My handsome Valentine!
Or, as my brother described him: “The nicest burglar ever.”
Yep.  Of my HEART.
Oh, Micaela.  You did not just go there.
Yes. Yes, I did.


Photography is FUN, ya’ll!  If you haven’t already linked up with Cari for one of the Theme Thursdays, you should do so immediately.  No fancy-schmancy camera needed.  Just good ole lessons in pitcher-takin’ from fellow amateurs.  Nothing like the blind leading the blind, right?

One of my outtakes from yesterday’s theme: Leaves and Trees.

Too bad there weren’t any leaves or trees, right?


In case you’re been under a rock for the past week, you have already heard that our Papa Ben is resigning as pope.

Thank to Kelly for the image!

Pope Benedict XVI, the conclave of cardinals, and the next successor of Peter would greatly benefit from our prayers during this time.  Won’t you join me?

Make sure to join Jen for the rest of the Quick Takes crew!


  1. Oh my gosh, best caption ever under your husband’s photo. He is a handsome burglar, good catch!

  2. LOL, wow, that is one epic cross… and I love the pic of your hubby too. I don’t think I could do the fish pedicure… at least not just yet. How did you like it?

  3. I didn’t even know such thing as a fish pedicure existed!… Intrigued 🙂

  4. I have totally been wanting to do a fish pedicure for a long time!

  5. Since I’ve let dogs lick my feet, and, okay, my face to, I feel like I shouldn’t be creeped out by a fish pedicure but I TOTALLY am. Maybe that means I should get one and offer it up for Lent??
    I’m not sure if my ashes ever resemble a cross just because somebody (ie whoever’s the baby) feels the need to reach out and smear it. And then wipe their hands and their forehead on my cheek.
    Okay, enough grumbling..why aren’t I offering this up?? AAaahhhh! Lent frustrates me. But you’re post makes me happy so I’ve got that.