The Jetsons (Life in the Future)

As one of my new friends shared with me, “When people hear you’re moving to Korea, they picture an episode of M.A.S.H.”  Hilarious, and probably not too far off the mark.  Heck, even I didn’t know exactly what to expect before moving here.
On the contrary, living in Daegu is very much like living an episode of the Jetsons.  Now, Daegu is a city of about 3 million people.  That’s piddly compared to Seoul.  In fact, I’ve heard that people from Seoul consider Daegu, “the countryside.” Still, there are some phenomenal technological advances that make life a little easier.
Locks and Keys, part 1: Remember when hotels switched to using keycards?  It seemed fancy, right?  Our Korean friends have kicked it up a notch.  They still use key cards in hotels, but your key controls so much more than just your door lock.  You need it in the elevator to access the floor your room is on (added security).  You put it in a slot when you enter your room and it powers up the lights, the A/C, and the bidet (Yes, the bidet.  More on that in a later post.)  This is a fantastic way to conserve energy.  If you have multiple rooms in the hotel, it can access any of them.  Here’s the Big Brother factor: I have a strong suspicion that when you put your key card in that little slot in the room, it lets the front desk know you’re there.  No, this is not just conspiracy theory.  Twice when returning from a jaunt with the kids, the front desk rang up the instant my card was in its slot.  Coincidence?  I think not.
*Locks and Keys, part 2: I’m sure this is not the case with older buildings, but in all the complexes we visited while house-hunting, the main entry door as well as the front door to each apartment is controlled by a pin pad or key card rather than keys.  I’ll never worry about locking my keys in the house again!  Some of the door locks even use your thumbprint for access!
Apartments: I traveled to many of the larger complexes while house hunting and was pleasantly stunned to see how nice the apartments are.  Most are over 1800 square feet.  The kitchens rival those in the nicest houses I’ve been to in the U.S.  All apartments that I saw have state-of-the-art heating systems.  That is, the floors are heated.  Laminate wood, marble, hardwood, you name it. Hello!  This is amazing to me!  No more dry dusty air blowing in with the heat.  Just a gentle warmth radiating from below.  Security systems have video surveillance at the doors.  Many have an elevator call button right inside your apartment so it’s waiting for you when you step out the door.  Jacuzzi tubs, steam rooms in the shower, the list goes on and on.
Daegu also features underground malls, high speed trains, an extensive subway system.  With space at a premium, this city has it all figured out. 

“Meet George Jetson, and his boy, Elroy!”  And as far as flying cars go, some of the taxis come pretty darn close.  Ay ay ay!

* I promise I’ll begin talking about homeschooling just as soon as our homeschooling materials arrive from the U.S., hopefully in the next week or so.  In the meantime, the kids are getting lots of math practice entering lock/pin codes, pushing elevator buttons, etc.


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