The Item I Forgot to Add to the To-Do List, or: Parenting Fail #17,479

Have you seen this video?

Oh my, it makes me laugh so hard.  It’s particularly funny to me because I can identify both with the woman (I have so said “Don’t try to fix it.  Just listen!” to Kevin,) and the man.  I am a fixer and a doer as well.

But let me back up a minute.

Our house is nearly empty. (Pack-out done: check)
Our van is gone (Ship van: check)
Today we said goodbye to our fellow parishioners at Holy Family Parish.  We had not one, but two going away parties. (Spend time with friends: check)

So, things are getting checked off the list.  Things are getting close to being done and we are getting closer to The Big Day.

When we finally got home tonight (way past bedtime) the kids were amped up and wild.  Kevin and I were beat.

Cue the bedtime routine:
Grown-ups: “get in your pajamas, brush your teeth, stop jumping on the borrowed couch, no you may not have a snack it’s bedtime,stop wringing your brother’s neck” etc.
Kids: {alternately laughing maniacally and sobbing hysterically}
Grown-ups: {rolling of eyes and gritting of teeth}

When I finally got the girls in their beds I nearly headed into lecture mode about following directions the first time and respect for authority.  But instead these words came out of my mouth. “I want to talk to you girls about the move.”

Sobbing softens to expectant silence.

[The very important thing I forgot to add to my to-do list: “Talk to kids about the move.” Doh! See? Doer, not a Good Listener.]

“So you know that we’re flying to California on Saturday.  We’re saying goodbye to a lot of people.  And when we have big moves or changes like this, it gives us big feelings.  Sometimes I am excited, but I also get sad, and sometimes I am stressed out.  Have you guys been feeling that way too? Do you have any questions about what’s going to happen?”

And then a flurry of questions began, some of them heart-wrenchingly difficult to answer.  But the worst was:

“Will we ever see our friends again?”

Because the answer I had to give them was: “I don’t know.”

I honestly do not know if we will see some of the wonderful people we’ve met here ever again.  But there is always hope.  A tenuous hope, but hope nonetheless, that someday down the road we will see our new friends again, in the place where we left our old ones behind.


  1. What a poignant post. Good luck with the move!

  2. Wow….so we just moved and I never actually sat down with my kids and talked to them about the move. I mean, we talked about it here and there..but we never had a big talk. That’s probably parenting fail #45,732 of mine. The question “Will we ever see our friends again”, did come up here several times. It was so sad…I basically just had to give the same answer you gave.

    Hugs and happy moving!

  3. I pray for clarity and stability on your move day as you are traveling and when you arrive. The last month sure flew by, eh?