Seriously Quick.

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But for now, let’s begin the quickiest quickness that was ever quicked.


Last week I started this:

And ordered this:


And I’ve been doing quite a lot of this:


Because it takes a lot of strength to begin here:



All the way over there:


Especially with all of this:


The good news is that, thanks to #1, by then I fully plan on looking like this:

Quickest ever, right?  Head on over to Jen for more quickness!


  1. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!!! You go, girl!! you got this!!!!

  2. Will you change the blog name to “Korea to California”?

    Also, love that bathing suit.

  3. You know what happens when you get in shape and lose all the baby weight, right? You are setting yourself up for another big announcement!!

  4. I love that bathing suit, too. (Does it come with the body?)

    These takes may have been quick, but I loved this post. Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of words! Good luck with the move.

  5. I love these takes! Started T Tapp myself and like it quite a bit. I have to concur with Colleen’s comment: losing the baby weight does lead to announcements – at least in our neck of the woods. Good luck with the move!

    • Yay! I only know one person who TTapps and she has nothing but wonderful things to say about it. I love to hear good things about things I want to be good.

  6. Now I wanna know more about TTapps!!!!

    • MK, I hope it’s so brilliant it changes my life. If that’s the case, I’ll certainly post more. But in the meantime, there are some sample exercise move videos on the website I linked above.

  7. Seriously quick, seriously brilliant! Actual quickness for the takes!

    You must tell how you like the video! Quickly!

    • 🙂 I’m usually sooooo long winded. I’ve stopped myself about 14 times from coming back and adding footnotes, etc. And yes, I will share all information about the video as soon as it arrives… which will hopefully be quickly!

  8. I’m super excited that you will be back in California! Even though I am leaving soon, California is still closer to visit that Korea. I would have LOVED to come visit in Korea though.

    • We must talk. I know you are leaving in July… I’ll be at my parents’ the first week of July, so maybe we can see each other?

    • That is awesome! I just decided a few days ago that I am quitting work at the end of June so I will have that whole week free to visit! AND I’ll be up at my parents house working on cleaning out the garage and the office (so I have room to store stuff) so I’ll be close and it will be super easy for a visit. I love it when everything lines up and works out this way!

  9. I love Ttapp! It really works.

    I started doing it after having my 2nd….and then had my 3rd child. Then I started doing it after having my 3rd child….and eventually ended up pregnant with my yep..getting back into shape does lead to new babies!

  10. I’ve never heard of TTapps…will have to look it up! Prayers for a glitch free move! When are you leaving?

  11. Love the idea of a 5K – I often imagine myself running. I hear visualization is the ticket to success. That is why visualizing myself being successful at stuff like that is SO MUCH more fun than actually doing it. Pulling for success with all – well – except for the move back. Hope that kind of falls through but only for totally selfish reasons.

  12. I vote for California to Korea and back again. Blessings on your move and thanks for visiting my blog!