Organizing, Packing, and a Whole Lot of Sitting

It doesn’t make a difference how much effort we put into moves, we always always have a few late nights the week before the big day.  This move is no different.  You know you’re in trouble when you drink coffee at 10 p.m. to stay up til 2 and then stumble into the the kitchen for some more at 6 a.m.

Le sigh.

It’s a good thing the kids have been sleeping well (by other people’s standards it would be considered “mediocre”) or we wouldn’t have gotten nearly enough done these past weeks.  As it was, when we went to bed last night (this morning), we were feeling pretty on top of things.  Of course, this morning (later than when we went to bed, but not by much) there was the mad dash to strip the beds, take down curtains, clean up the wake of Tornado Ezekiel, etc, but by the time the babysitter and the movers had arrived, we were ready.

Since then, I’ve done exactly this: set out snacks, make lunch, answer a few questions about what to pack and locations of things.  And now I’m blogging.  In the daylight.

No kids, no packing, no cleaning?  Is it bad that a packing day seems like a vacation day?  I’m gonna go with “no” just because I know how much sweat I’ve put in over the the last few weeks.  And how much more work there is to come over the next 11 days.

11 days.  Yikes on bikes.

Tardy Mid-Post Warning: I honestly don’t know where this is going except it’s giving me something to do while I wait for them to come pry my bed from my bloody, grasping fingertips.  I know from experience that it’s the only thing I’ll miss.

Some random interesting (or not so interesting) tidbits:

~Am I sad my stuff is leaving?  Hells no.  I’m doin backflips of joy!  Of course, I’m avoiding the emotional aspects of what this means and completely ignoring the “no-turning-back-now” signals.  But to not have to clean anything?  Pick anything up?  To temporarily live the spartan life I dream of?  YES, PUH-LEAZE!

~Are Koreans actually hobbits?  I’m not referring to their height, especially as Koreans are considered to the the tallest Asians.  No, what I mean is this: I fed the movers snacks at about 10 a.m.   Then at 11 a.m. I made them sandwiches along with those I made for my family.  Then at 12 they left for lunch! I think it has something to do with courtesy.  They didn’t want to turn down my hospitality.  Or maybe they just like Second Breakfast and Elevensies.  Maybe some of my Korean readers can enlighten us.  (Judy and Roxy, I’m looking at you.) Anyway, no more food for them. Get crackin’ guys!

~And speaking of moving… Ye Olde Blogge is about to make a big move.  Right about the time we fly out of Korea, this blog will be moving to a faster, fancier, prettier format.  Don’t worry, the blog address will remain the same, and I wouldn’t dare deprive you of my hackneyed writing and emerging photographic prowess (wink wink), so that’s safe. Just a new look, and a way easier way to comment and stay in touch,  Because I love you! I really really do!  (I don’t think, Dear Reader, that you will need to do anything to stay in touch, unless you follow me on Blogger Dashboard.  But if something goes awry, we’ll figure it out together, alrighty?)

No moving post would be complete without a couple crazy moving photos:  (Excuse the photo quality.  These were taken on the world’s worst camera: the iPad.)

That’s 40 ROLLS of packing tape, people.  My environmentalist heart is palpitating right now.

Those are crates filled with some of our belongings, nailed shut, and about to be sent on a SHIP across the OCEAN.  I don’t know why I find that to be insane, but I do.

If you made it all the way to the end of this snooze-fest, good for you.  I about fell asleep writing.  Oops! It’s 2 p.m.!  Time for more coffee!


  1. Moving is terrible when you’re in the same town, for pete’s sake – I can not imagine what you’re going through, but you’re sure to be an expert when you’re done, right?

  2. guys are amazing, I can’t imagine moving across the world. I think I’d be tempted to just sell all our stuff and start over with thrift/yard sales. Actually, we did that and it was for a much shorter move.

  3. You guys are totally rocking it! I would take any two minute vacations I could take if I were you (or me.)

    I am completely in love with our 75% empty home and wondering what in the world we need all that other stuff for!

  4. So if they took your BED today, what are you going to sleep on for a week in Korea, and then for however long it takes for your bed to find you in SoCal? Sounds impossible to me!

  5. Wow, that is amazing! Packed and ready to ship. how do you do it with 4 kids. you are a super mama with super kids. and yes, it’ll be rude if koreans refused food that was offered. they probably left very very full. really? koreans are the tallest asians?

    So excited that you guys are coming! Yay!!! Happy moving!