Moving in

Tomorrow is the big day!  We move into our new apartment.  None of our househld goods have arrived, so it will be sparse, but we are excited nonetheless.  Here are some photos of our place.

 Living room

Living room, dining room


 WALK-IN Pantry.  That’s right, people.  Read it and weep.

 Vanity (right), Walk-in closet (left), Master bath (ahead)

 Walk-in closet in master bedroom (Can you tell I’m excited about storage?)

Bath/Shower combo in master bath
Boys’ bedroom

Homeschool room/Office/Guest room (hint, hint)

Girls’ bedroom

Playground 1 of 3 (only have pictures of 2)

Playground 2 of 3

It occured to me as I was uploading this that I was in danger of seeming boastful.  I truly don’t mean to be that way.  It’s just that we moved from a very small home, so having a bigger place with more storage is really exciting.  I hope you can share in our joy.  

OK, I’m off to pack up our stuff that is spread willy-nilly all over the borrowed apartment we’ve been in.  Hoping to find most of the go-fish cards and Polly Pocket shoes before we leave tomorrow.  


  1. Oy…I’d move just for those wonderful parks! Abrazos!

  2. Monse, don’t tease. You know I’m always listening for job openings for Chito. 🙂 Miss you.

  3. WOW! It’s beautiful!!! What a relief it will be to FINALLY move in.

  4. OMG! Living like kings and queens!!! Glad everything is going well. Love and miss ya!

  5. NICE! love love the storage…i could use some of that storage space myself! 🙂 happy moving and enjoy! we miss you guys…

  6. Wow. That’s the most beautiful apartment I’ve ever seen! And the pantry! *swoon*