More preparation… physical and emotional

These past few weeks have been a blur.  Paperwork, packing, planning, more paperwork… everything seems to revolve around this move. At certain moments, it brings about a great feeling of accomplishment.  I mean, the check-list I completed today had 15 major items on it.  And it didn’t even include the surprise trip to the pediatrician (and subsequently, the pharmacy) we had to make this morning! So yes, sometimes it feels empowering.

Most of the other times, it just feels exhausting.

Like at this moment, when I sit down to write. But only because Ezekiel has awoken hungry and wanting to nurse. Heaven forbid I should be allowed 2 hands to type.  Or to finish folding laundry before 2 a.m.

Time, though, continues to march on. 

Our official passports arrived in the mail yesterday, and I must say I felt a flutter of excitement for the adventure we about to embark upon.  A new culture, a new language, new foods and sights, sounds, and smells!

But a couple hours later, Gianna had a completely messy, sobbing meltdown. She realized that not only would her friends from homeschool park day or Holistic Moms Network playgroup not be able to make it to her birthday, but that she wouldn’t be at most of theirs, either.  Talk about breaking my heart.  (I know, I know.  It’s not about me.  But my heart still breaks when my kids cry about something like that. So sue me.)

All of this is to say, that while I am eagerly anticipating this move, it is not without its headaches and its heartbreaks.

T minus 8 days until fly day.  Better go finish folding that laundry.