Hello, California! and SUBSCRIBER NEWS!

This is the longest Saturday of my life.  Literally.  It has been Saturday for 40 hours.  

After 40 hours of consideration, I’m pretty sure there’s a reason there’s only 24 hours in a day.

Leaving Daegu
The flights and overall trip were smooth as can silk.  If, of course, silk was a mildly rough material with a few snags. Let’s just say it went as smoothly as can be expected with 4 kids and an 11 hour international flight.  Really though, the older three were amazing,
and Zeke was… Zeke.  
Working on moving (via osmosis) through the glass. 

This adorableness lasted 13.2 seconds
But really, there were some fabulous parts about the trip. Greeting grandparents ranked highest on the list:

This Friday I hope to share the best shots from our trip.  You will not want to miss those Quick Takes.  Especially if you love fashion, and quirky Korean things.  AH-mazing.
In the meantime…
If you subscribe to this blog via the Blogger automatic emails, plaese check back in a few days.  This here bloggy-blog is moving over to WordPress and I don’t think the subscriptions will follow.  The blog address will remain the same, so if you just go to www.CaliforniaToKorea.com that should work fine.  Once the switch (“migration” in fancy techie speak!) happens, you can sign up with WordPress to receive email updates in the same way.  Be patient with me as I learn a new system, okay?