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It’s been such a crazy week (can you say chicken pox and then a stomach virus, followed by today being sweet G’s birthday?) but I’m sharing a few special links as consolation prizes.  (Which is a total misnomer as these women have talent that far exceeds mine.)  Just trust me, and read:

Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas shares this: Seeing Through the Eyes of Love: Tiny Ballerinas and Fighting the Self-Image Battle.

And see that’s the thing. I know Lucy. Her face is more familiar to me than my own. And I would change NOTHING about her. Not one eyelash. From her muscular little legs to her sweet round toddler tummy and her deep hazel eyes, I would be outraged at the idea that she should be any different. Because she’s perfect as she is. Each tiny feature is what makes her Lucy. And I love it all. I delight in her Lucy-ness. And it would pain me so much if she looked in the mirror and despised her reflection. If she wished any small part of herself away.

As someone who feels pretty darn imperfect these days, this really struck a chord with me.

Jenny from Mama Needs Coffee is writing a whole series this month on Catholic S-E-X and marriage called Why do Catholics do that?  It’s funny and insightful and – consider yourself warned – she pulls no punches.

From her post: Why do Catholics have so many kids?

But seriously, we’re just in it for the sweet retirement party. And for the moment when we can whip out our iPhone 27s in the grocery store and torture innocent bystanders with holograms of our 8 children and 34 grandchildren because finally, our freaking hands are empty and we can work the keypad.

But Jenny is by no means a jerk, which if I’m being completely honest, sometimes we Catholics can be jerks because we get a little tired of being misunderstood all the time.  Kudos to her.  If you’re interested in learning more about how and why the Catholic Church teaches all that cuh-razy stuff about sex, head on over to Jenny’s place.  And bring a cup of coffee.  She needs it.

Blythe from The Fike Life, whom I now have the pleasure of knowing in person, wrote a very touching piece last week about their family friend who recently passed away, Mr. Stehly.

And in that moment it struck me what a gift we had received, to be taken in by this family. Not only allowed to participate in their life for all these years, but to participate in the death of their beloved father, husband, brother. To see such a peaceful death, to know the hope Mr Stehly clung to as he died, the hope his wife and children clung to as he died, and to share it with our children.

As my Granny heads closer and closer to the end of her life, after a life filled with redemptive suffering of metal illness and now dementia, I couldn’t help but be moved by the story of Mr. Stehly, and grateful that in my family, we’ve got a long history of keeping our elderly family members close by.  They are gifts.


Never let it be known that I published a blog post without a photo (it maaaay have happened once back in 2012, but never since).  Here’s what I found last week during one of our chicken pox quarantine days:  The kids had turned all the kitchen chairs toward each other and were sitting with legs crossed just chatting away.  (Don’t go thinking this sweetness happens every day, though.  Obviously it’s rare enough that I’m willing to share this atrocious photo with you just because I love how these kids will, from time to time, enjoy each others company.)




I’ll come back soon with some of my very own writing, okay?  In the meantime, take care!


  1. That photo! Oh my gosh, love.
    And thanks for the links. I’d read Haley’s, but hadn’t gotten around to the other two yet. They’re next up on my clicking.
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  2. Also! Hope everyone is on the mend and better soon!
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