Seven Reasons to Love E-World

EWorld (formerly known as Woobang Tower Land) has become a family birthday tradition.  We went there last year for the each of the girls’ birthdays, and we went again this past week for Gianna.  This place has nothing on Disneyland in the sense that it is much smaller and with less to do.  What it lacks in size, however, is easily made up in enthusiasm, comedy, and breathtaking views.
A Slogan to Beat All Slogans
Who can resist a Dream Love Festival World Trip?  Not I, my friends.

As all parents know, a bathroom break is needed every 32.7 minutes for each child.  Fortunately for us, the Dream Love Festival need not pause for trips to the bathroom.

Speaking of Bathrooms…
The bathrooms are a funny mix of old school and ultra modern.
Yes, that is a bar of soap on a swiveling stick.


And 2 feet away we have an automatic digital hand dryer with UV lights.
The stalls of the women’s restrooms have a ratio of roughly 7 “squatty potties” to 1 toilet.  These are not mere holes in the ground. They are ceramic, have their own stall, and they flush.  But you have to hunt, pushing open each stall door and peeking in, if you don’t feel like squatting.
I actually have a photo of a certain child using said potty, and it is totally tasteful.  But I promised I wouldn’t use it on the blog (or any other internet site) and must keep my word.  It’s too bad, though, because I love that photo.
Trees, trees, and more trees
EWorld sits on a hill.  Every hill in South Korea is covered in trees.  Ergo, EWorld is covered in trees.
The view when entering the park


Going up the trail to the first rides


Headed up the Sky Tram
Theme park theme: Romantic Fantasy
As if Dream Love Festival World Trip wasn’t enough, EWorld has a sub-theme going on: Romantic Fantasy.  And boy are they enthusiastic about it.
Why reinvent the wheel?
Look.  Disney has a good thing going on.  They’ve got dwarfs and genies, they’ve got amusement parks and train rides.  Why should EWorld try to invent something better when, using a little ingenuity, they can use the same ideas with just a slight difference?
Six dwarfs, not seven


Aladdin with one “d” and several different genies


A kiddie roller coaster called the Magic Castle…


… which also has a swirly “D” a la Disney.
Really honest warning signs
No tricks.  Do you hear me?  NO TRICKS.


The photo got cut off, but the first yellow line ends with “the drunken”. Sage advice, I say.
Rides that prove Korea doesn’t have much of a market for personal injury lawsuits
No, there are no seat belts on that ride.
And yes, the operator is actually trying to cause people to fall.
{ETA: Darn it.  The video disappeared in the blog move.  Bummmmmmer.}
Since this is only supposed to be
I will leave you now.  There is so much more to share though, that I just may come back next week to share another Seven Takes on EWorld.  You won’t want to miss it.
In the meantime, head on over to Jen’s to see her Takes, and those of many other bloggers.  I bet most of them had their posts in on time, though. Meh.