Seven Quick Takes: My ADD

My adult ADD is going full force these days.  Hence the reason I’ve not been able to compose the SQT I wanted to write, which was “Seven Sights on the Streets of Daegu”.  So far I have a whopping… one.  One out of seven is… progress, I guess you could say, but not nearly enough.  So I’m rambling and writing, and hope all of this makes sense in the end.

I am hosting my first Give-Away!  Have you been pining after an all-twine childproof rosary?  Want one especially made by me and shipped across the ocean to you? Click on over and sign up!  There is a whopping one entry right now, which while that is very nice for her, doesn’t really make my first use of Rafflecopter all that thrilling.

Random Question: do you think I made enough links above? Is three enough?  Not enough opportunities to click?  Or is it too much?  Does it seem desperate? My ADD really wants to…
Hey look!  We’re already at #2!
My kids are doing chores.  They are fighting over mopping.  This is not as awesome as I imagined it would be.  I keep having to take breaks to say irrational things like, “I know you really want to mop, honey.  I know it’s hard to wait.  Just go play on the iPad for a minute while your sister works hard. It will be your turn to work hard soon, I promise!”  What kind of insanity is going on around here?!  Hence the reason this is only the second post I have ever written in the daytime.
More mopping insanity: When I came out of the bedroom after nursing Zeke, Gianna had already mopped the whole center of the house.  I couldn’t believe it and gave her a big hug, so grateful for her hard work and thoughtfulness.  I was finally getting some help around here.  I admit, I was even the teensiest bit choked up.  
Then I looked around and noticed there were several gallons of water on the marble floor.  The kids noticed it too, and immediately began playing slip-n-slide.  Yikes!  Like a good mom, I helped Gianna clean it up.  Then, while I was (a bad mom) writing the above passages, Aliya promptly did the same thing to the kitchen.
Bloggy McBloggerton friends: I have an opportunity to contribute to a local Daegu publication and make a little money at the same time.  Is it worth it?  I would have to blog about local businesses and write some articles about Daegu.  Isn’t that what I do already?  Would I be selling out?  I seriously just got the email about this and now I am curious about the opportunities.  It would be about 10 hours/week, and I have no idea how much money.  I can’t imagine it’s much, though.  (By the way, this is the first time my husband will hear of this.  Hi honey!  Hope your taxi ride home is safe and quick!)
This post is too text heavy for my ADD.  Time for some photos.
Abandoned wasp nest we found last week.


Illegally obtained photo of a hanbok in a museum I refuse to name.
Note the diversionary tactic of small child running away from mother.


Two boys need haircuts.  I will resist, though, because I just can’t bear to cut those curly blond locks.

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  1. I love how 6 became “F”!

    I have a hard time cutting my boy’s curls, too. But he’s got eleventy-billion cowlicks, so eventually I head for the scissors…


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