Best Ever Picture of a Korean Restaurant

Brace yourselves

So I’m scraping together my very last brain cells to write a What We’re Reading post (for which I have read many Caldecott books this week) when all of the sudden, my sister-in-law Vanessa sends me a picture.  And I simply had to drop every last thing and make a meme from this photo because A) I miss Vanessa and my brother Luke and their adorable offspring with the passion of a thousand suns, B)  I’m going to see them in less than 50 DAYS! Woot! and, C) I’m just really missing Korea a lot these days.  (Not like I want to move back there, Marie and Mom.  Just miss the food and the friends and the good good times we had there.  Not in that order.)

Without further ado, I present to you:

Everything That is Awesome About Korean Restaurants in One Photo

Baby on Korean restaurant floor


This might seem strange to some people, but this whole photo made me A) long for my time in Korea, and B) HUNGRY.  Ohmygosh I want Korean BBQ rightthisverysecond.  Kevin’s birthday is in a couple of weeks and the plan is to go out to eat Korean food.  Pleasepleaseplease let it come true.  For him, I mean.  Obviously.

And now, with many apologies for colloquialisms and poor grammar and uninteresting content, I’m off to create a new board on Pinterest called “Food I Must Eat Now” and fill it with Korean BBQ photos.  Just try and stop me.


  1. “For him, I mean. Obviously.” made me laugh out loud 🙂
    Annery recently posted…How to Stop Coveting Your Neighbor’s BabyMy Profile

  2. Nicole says:

    Oh, Korean BBQ is my all time favorite. My uncles wife is Korean and her cooking is to die for!!! I’ll go out for Korean food with you any day!

  3. So those 5 birthdays in six weeks? 3 of them are this week, including mine and Patrick’s. Now, I am doing intense online research for “best Korean BBQ in Chicago.” See what you did there? I must have Korean food stat!
    Jessica recently posted…WWRW: Books for Kids of All AgesMy Profile

  4. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never had Korean food!

  5. Jared made bulgogi last night… And he makes a mean crockpot galbi. Do you want the recipes?

  6. Oh, Yum!! I love Korean BBQ (although I’ve never brought my kids along!). 🙂
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  7. Have you done any exploring in Koreatown? We used to live on the west edge of Koreatown, but that was more than a decade (and five kids) ago. Perhaps it’s time to revisit. John recently told me that he likes Korean BBQ better than candy, so… birthday dinner?!?

  8. There are some Korean restaurants and businesses in Dallas. Some of us ladies at the office decided to try a restaurant. They didn’t care for the food but I did! I don’t think it was bbq, though? I’ll have to search that out.