I don’t like Happiness…

Korean children, most of whom learn English in school, often choose English names for themselves. The girls’ closest Korean friends are (American nick-)named Cindy, Diana, Emma, Betty, and Happiness.

 Yes, Happiness. This phenomenon is not really new to Kevin and I. Working where we did in Arcadia, Ca, there were many Asian immigrants who chose unusual American names. I think the oddest name we encountered back then was Milky.

 Anyhoo, back to South Korea. I always encourage our daughters to learn their Korean names and call them by that, but it just doesn’t seem to stick. Their English is invariably better than our Hangul, so I guess I should just go with it.

 Yesterday we were playing outside when we encountered Happiness. (Hahaha!) The girls shouted for joy and ran to join her. Gabriel, slightly more cautious, initiated this conversation with me.

 G: Mommy, I don’t like Happiness.
Me: (choking) Um, really? Why not?
G: I don’t know. (Pause) I do like apples, though.
Me: Really? (Inwardly: Ooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaay…)
G: Maybe I do like Happiness. But I like apples, too.

 There you have it, folks. Happiness and apples are about all this 2.5 year old boy needs.


  1. Maybe if Happiness brought Gabriel some apples…?