Five Favorites

I’m joining the lovely and effervescent Hallie (the moxie-est wife!) for my (First Ever) Five Favorites.

In case you were suspicious: yes, this IS a total cop-out post.  But it’s 10:45 p.m. and I’m just sitting down on the couch.  Soooo, you get what you get and you don’t get upset.  Or something.

My husband is my favorite.

You may remember how handsome Kevin is from such posts as “Nice Robber” and “Mr. Handsome Guitar Man.”  Not only is he good lookin’, this man is sweet and kind and wonderful.  The best best best.  We are coming up on our 11 year anniversary (!!!!) and yet he still leaves me love notes.

The content is for my eyes only, but suffice it to say he totally digs me!

And tonight he sent me off to do my long-delayed run while he packed all of our give-away into the van.  Which he will also deliver and unload tomorrow.  So, yeah.  He’s my favorite.

Getting rid of stuff is my favorite.
This is only a portion of it!  The rest is up front.  
I wish I did this several times a year.  I guess I do, but on a smaller scale.  One of my friends said she was going to “pretend” to move this summer so that she could do the same.  I love that idea!  The house feels so much lighter, there is less to pick up, less to maneuver around, less for the kids to get into.  Win. Win. Win.  Favorite.
My friends are my favorites.
Today my good friend and roommate from college (Julie) sent me an email.  It probably only took her a few minutes to write, but it made my day.  She told me how proud she was that I had picked up running (she is an avid runner and when I think: “runner” her name is the first that pops into my head) and she encouraged me to stick with it.
Those few lines absolutely provided the impetus for my late night run.  Words have power, people.  Use yours to make someone feel better.  Friends are the best.
These shoes are my favorites.
A few weeks ago I was having extreme shin pain from running with my 5K Runner app. I posted my predicament on – where else? – Facebook and got a ton of helpful replies.   Now, Kevin’s cousin is super duper smart and a musculo-skeletal MD, so when she piped in, you better believe I listened.  I got these shoes (Altra Zero Drop Provisioness), I’ve been running in them twice and guess what?  NO PAIN!  NONE!  I’ve run longer intervals than I have this whole last few weeks and  tonight I even ran extra time.   Like, above and beyond what the app called for! That is huge for me.  Huge.  Of course, it could have something to do with getting home to the subject of number 1 above and the encouragement from my friend in number 2 above, but the shoes didn’t hurt.  As I said before.
Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of your Child is my favorite.

I started this book last night and it is a DOOZY.  Hoo-wee doggies.  The prose is incredible, Mr. Esolen’s voice is superb, and the content is thought-provoking.  Even though I’m only about 15% of the way through the book, I already love it.  It falls under a very specific category for me: it’s a “Might Be a Game-Changer” sort of book.  Do you have one or several of those?
Mangsang Beach Family Vacations

For the second year in a row, we spent Memorial Day at Mangsang Beach with our local family and some friends.  You can see some photos of our “glamping” fun from last year right here.  Today’s post should have been solely about this weekend, but my brain-power is seriously diminished, so for now you get the re-run.  Seriously, though, you should check out last year’s photos.  It was incredible.  What did you do for Memorial Day?

On a related side note:  if you Google “Mangsang Beach” images, you will see several of our family.  🙂

That’s all I’ve got for tonight, friends!  Hope you’re having a wonderful week.  Because I live in the future, I beat the hostess to her own Five Favorites party (how gauche, yes?) but you should totally click over and see what Hallie has going on tomorrow.



  1. That photo of the kids is what heaven is made of. So much beauty. And you and your husband, so heavenly you are.

    I have heard so much great stuff about that book. Putting it on my list, even though when I do get back to reading, all I really want to do is sink into a good depressing heart wrenching novel that ends in tragedy. Sorry, I’m just like that.

    • I’m with you on the book choice, Rebekah. But this book is intriguing enough to make me pause in my reading of LOTR to give it a go. Worth it.

  2. Oh, gotta get that book!

  3. What a cute family! Giving away stuff is also a favorite lucky for us we are moving this summer! Time to get on it!

  4. Cute picture!l
    Will check out that book.

  5. What a beautiful family! It’s so sweet that your husband writes you love notes and gives you time to do something that you enjoy. You are a lucky woman! Great list!

  6. #1 is very sweet. 🙂

  7. I really need to read that book – a friend recommended it to me a while ago but it’s not at the library and it’s expensive online! I think I just need to suck it up and buy it…

  8. We are cleaning house in anticipation of a move, too — and it is SO wonderful!

    The Esolen book is fantastic. She says. As she CRAWLS her way through it!

  9. My husband introduced me to Esolen’s writings and I just love what I have read! We are in the process of moving so there has been a fair bit of culling lately – I love it!!!

  10. Rock n roll. This is absolute truth