Eating Out

This has to be a quick one, since I need to get to bed in order to wake up early for our first mass in our new church (yeah!).

What I wanted:
some non-spicy authentic Korean food.

What happened:
After not finding the restaurant the concierge told us about, we ended up in what seemed like Korean chain restaurant.   There were pictures on the menu so we thought we’d be ok.

The following encounter is entirely true with no embellishments.

Me: (Pointing at a picture of a combo dish) Is this spicy?

Waitress: (Looks puzzled)

Me: (Fanning my mouth) Spicy?

Waitress: (Still looking puzzled)

Me: (Wildly gesticulating, fanning my mouth, sucking in air, blinking eyes) Spicy? Hot?

Waitress: Hot! Anyo (no). No hot.

Me: Great. (Holding up 2 fingers and pointing at the combo).  Two, please.

Waitress: (Nods and points at the beverage section)

Me: Water

Waitress: (Points again at the beverage section)

Me: (Pointing at the water jug already on the table) Water

Waitress:  (Points to the word Beverage in English, and then very slowly points to the three options in Korean)

Me: (Making a very apologetic face) Sorry.  I don’t read Korean yet.

Waitress: (Again points to the word Beverage in English, and then again points to the three options in Korean even more slowly)

Me: (Giving up) Coke? (BTW, I rarely drink Coke, but thought she might know it.  No such luck.)

Waitress: (Looks confused and walks away.)

What we got for dinner:
Two VERY spicy dishes with several sides
Two neon-colored sodas

What the kids ate:
Cabbage salad and white rice

What Kevin and I ate:
All the spicy stuff.  Actually it was delicious considering I’m not a big fan of spicy food.

What I learned:
Must prepare before going out!  Even eating requires study at this point.

One last note: we bought a camera memory card reader, so I hope to post some pics tomorrow night.


  1. Awww, I really feel for you. I can only imagine. But as you have experienced before, it’ll pass.

    It’s wonderful to read about your experiences. I still regret not being able to make it to see you. I was (and still am) working a lot. That, too, shall pass.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date!

    Much love,
    –Beatrice and Celeste

  2. Thanks, B! We were sad to miss you too. Keep in touch and we’ll see you in person next summer.

    Hugs, M