Checklist: Eating our way through Daegu

Last week, before my brother Joseph arrived, Kevin and I met up with my other brother Luke and his wife Vanessa to plan some fun things to do on his vist. We planned the usual: Seomun Market, Woobang Tower Land, museums, shopping, a trip to Busan, etc.

Somehow, our list included eating every evening meal out. (Ha, I like how I say that as if my family does not plan everything around eating.)

Joseph arrived Saturday. We began with a stellar night out on the town and some nore bang: Korean karaoke where you rent a room so only your friends and family can hear you sing off key.

Since then, we’ve accomplished most of our plans, with some minor changes due to rainy weather. One thing has gone exactly as planned, though.

Can you guess?

Yup. Every evening meal out. Even some daytime meals as well.

Home delivery of jim dak?


Dak kalbi?


Dankasa, kimchi bogumbap, and a donut taste-test at the Airplane restaurant?

Check, check, check.

Beef and Leaf?


Mandu and tdeok bogi?

Check and check.

Fried chicken, Korean-style?

Sorry, no photo. It was devoured in seconds.

But trust me on this one, it gets a big, fat: Check.

So, yeah. Right about now, you are either salivating or thoroughly disgusted. Right about now, I am both. Off to plan our next meal…er, I mean, excursion.

If some of these photos look prettier than others, it’s because I stole them from my brother’s fancy camera. Thanks again, Joseph!


  1. Salivating… And thoroughly jealous!

  2. This post is helping me to feel good about moving there;) my friend, Claudia, told me about your blog. My homeschooling family of six will move to Korea this summer. Hope we can meet someday!:) Will be checking your blog. Thanks!