Bugger it all… I’ve got blogger’s block!

This is Part 3 in the Love Series.  In Part 1,  I talked about how people, not issues, are responsible for the “tearing apart” we see in America today.  In Part 2, I discussed why it is so important to put love ahead of politics. 

Today I want to talk nuts n’ bolts.

That is the beginning to another post.  One that’s sitting in draft format because it is terrible.

Oh, man, you guys.  It is truly awful.  I’ve been working on it for days and I don’t know how to make it un-awful.  (Which isn’t a real word, of course, but it does rhyme with “unlawful,” which IS a real word and which category that other post that shall not be named almost falls into because of its true and undeniable terribleness.)

As evidenced by that last sentence above: someone better take away my blogger license, stat.  I don’t deserve it anymore.

Oh, riiiiight.  I never got one in the first place.  Maybe that’s the problem.

Anyhoozles (SEE?  I can’t. stop. the. awful) I’m coming to you, smart and dedicated readers.  And also random people who found this post by Googling “blogger’s block” or “wanna-be bloggers exposed.”  I welcome you all to the scary place in my head right now.

Here’s what I want to know: (Share your answers in the comments box or on Facebook or in a link to your own blog.  Heaven preserve us, if you must, send it to me via telegraph or Pony Express.  I need this information.)

1) Do you have a formal blogging process?  If so, dish.  Now.  

2) Do you have any tricks for overcoming blogger’s/writer’s block?  

3) If you read the two original posts linked above and have any content-specific advice for me, I’d be happy to hear that too…

If you’ve got nothing else, just send up a prayer.  I be goin’ cuh-cuh-cuh-cuhrazay over this business.

Officially banning myself from blogging for 24 hours thanks to the last sentence above.

But wait!  Before I goooooooooo….

Gratuitous Korean hilarity from a shop downtown:


  1. Just say a prayer to the Holy Spirit to find the write (not a typo) words and give it to God. I am the worst critic of my own work until I remember that it’s not all about me! Good luck!!!

    • You know, Colleen, I think you’re on to something. I’ve been so busy with life during the day and trying to write this post at night that I’ve neglected my prayer life.

    • Don’t worry, I convicted myself when I left that comment. Good thing Lent’s not over yet 🙂

  2. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God.”

    My own writing (for lack of a better word) sucks.

    My best writing, as Colleen mentioned, comes from God. And even then it’s just a small glimpse, if that, of Him.

    A blogging hiatus always does wonders for me. That and not taking myself to seriously. I’m boldly linking to a post I wrote about this past year (I know, it’s obnoxious) but I’ve been where you are. Perhaps this may help?


    Good luck.

    • Colleen, your post really struck a chord with me. I too have BIC: blog identity crisis. 🙂 In the end, I am happiest when I am myself and I’m able to share that joyfully with others. Thanks for your advice and link.

  3. I started about 4 comments on here and erased them all, because they just sounded, well, stupid. Is comment block even a thing?

    Take heart! I love your writing, and as close a thing to advice as I can give you is just saying that your personality really shows through when you are talking about your every day. Like the above photos of the Korean hilarity, you live a unique experience! I haven’t spent too much time reading your back-log, but every time I come across your challenges and observations, I just eat them up.

    • Rebekah, you are too sweet. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. And yes, comment block is a real thing. It’s another thing I suffer from!

  4. No good advice, but wow, those pics are hilarious! 🙂

  5. My best advice: cut out at least half of what you originally meant to say. Leave the connection-making to your readers. Of course, I haven’t read the blog-draft in question, but judging from my OWN writing experiences, when I am tackling a difficult subject, I tend to put in WAY too many explanations and try to connect too many dots. And then things just spiral out of control. Be concise, clear, and minimalist.

    And my best blogging is done in the shower… if only I had a recording device that was shower-safe. I lose at least half of the amazingness before I can get to a computer. That said, I’m working on a new project that I hope to involve you with when you return.