Update on Zeke’s Vision

It’s been in the back of my mind to get Zeke back to the ophthalmologist  for awhile now.  I was supposed to do it 3 months after the initial appointment, but life got busy, I got pregnant, and then we fell off the “wear a patch every day” hell-wagon and so I kept putting it off.  Because: guilt.

But.  I knew it was time to go, especially because a newborn baby is going to make me vastly less likely to be willing to do that stuff.  Suck it up, Micaela.  Suck. It. Up.

The current scenario: He wears his glasses, all day, every day.  He sometimes takes them off and sets them in random places, but that’s pretty rare.  His actual glasses, though, are a joke.  The situation would be laughable, if it wasn’t so dang frustrating.  The kid is on his 6th set of frames.  Since January.  No lie, peeps.  One pair I had to pay for out of pocket because someone (“Not Me”) broke them.  Every other pair has been defective.  And it is making me insane.

Begin cycle:

Get new frames.  Wear.

Within 1-2 weeks, arms on frames loosen.  Glasses begin to slip off his adorable face.

Add electrical tape to strengthen and make them fit better.

Within 4-6 weeks, arms detach entirely and stop responding to electrical tape maneuvers.

Swear, vociferously.  (Me, not him.)

Repeat cycle.


Time to break the cycle, so back to the ophthalmologist we went.  Do you want the bad news, or the worse news first?

Okay fine, good news: Zeke is a champ at the doctor.  Really and truly.  We were at the doctor for over 2 hours and he performed magnificently.  Took his eye drops without complaint, answered all the questions, patiently let everyone look in his gorgeous eyes with bright lights, and did his very best.  What a sweetie.

Now for the bad/worse news:

First: his vision is significantly worse than 9 months ago. The doctor wants me to try putting daily dilating drops in his eyes to slow the degeneration.  According to my cursory review of the research, this is an experimental procedure.  I’m not at all sure how I feel about it, but I’m also really worried about how quickly his vision is getting worse.

Next: we have to patch.  According to the doctor, it hasn’t made his eyes worse that we haven’t done it regularly, but it’s not helping them get better either.  His left eye is SO much worse than the right.  I didn’t realize how much he relied on the right eye until this eye exam.  He can hardly see anything, even corrected with glasses, with just the left eye.  So, back on the patch hell-wagon we go.  Any tips from those of you with experience is greatly appreciated.

Finally: insurance only pays for one pair of glasses every 2 years, so I’m preparing to shell out a bunch of dough for kid-proof glasses.  Hold me. (And then give me brand recommendations.)

Electrical tape and all...

Electrical tape and all…

In all seriousness, guys?  This makes me want to cry.  Not the money or the glasses, but the idea that perhaps my baby is on his way to blindness.  I know there is so much they can do for people who are vision impaired these days, but my mama-heart is aching for him. Say a prayer for me, and for his complete healing, will you?


  1. Praying for both you and Zeke!
    Maria recently posted…Ogden Nash on the common coldMy Profile

  2. Sad face. Poor little guy. I have no tips to offer you, just prayers. And you can have a hug on Friday. But that’s my final offer.
    Kendra recently posted…There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Fracture a Fairy Tale . . .My Profile

  3. Oh my. This must be so so hard. I’m so sorry you both have to go through this. Prayers.
    Mary @ Better Than Eden recently posted…The Things You Should be Buying at the Dollar StoreMy Profile

  4. Hi~Micaela~How are you? Cindy miss ur kids so much! She wanna call with your kids^^
    Have a nice day~!!

  5. So sorry your little man is having such trouble! Prayers for him and you…I think as Mommas we just want to fix everything for our children – and failing that take it on ourselves.

    I did want to mention something that you may have already tried with the glasses frames and that is Rec Specs….we got ours at Wal.Mart for a pretty darn reasonable price and my youngest boy (who is known to throw them to the ground in an effort to get his binoculars up in time to see a bird!) has had his for two years with no troubles. The ones he has can have a band strapped to the ends of the arms or totally removed to just have regular arms while my older boy’s just has the band for wearing for football. They are made for playing sports but my youngest boy prefers to wear his all the time instead of his regular glasses – he just had me remove that back band. Anyways…if you need any more info I’d be happy to try to give it!

  6. So sorry you are going through this. Prayers for his healing and for miraculous glasses that don’t break.
    Amelia @ One Catholic Mama recently posted…Day in the Life Wednesday – In Which I Return to My Alternative Health LifestyleMy Profile

  7. So many many prayers… You know you got ’em!
    Maia recently posted…from the whirlwind…a winner!My Profile

  8. Praying Micaela. I know the news must be hard to swallow. And I get the mama guilt, so completely. It always feels like we should be doing more. Don’t give in and feel bad! You’re a great Mom!

  9. I will definitely add him (and you) to my prayer list!
    Beth (A Mom’s Life) recently posted…Twelve is…My Profile

  10. Will definitely be praying!
    I also have a friend whose daughter’s vision required patching for a couple of years; will ask her for any tips.
    Joy recently posted…One up ~ one down: November 7thMy Profile

  11. Oh, Micaela, I’m so sorry. I wish there was something that would help him and you out. Praying for him though!
    Christy recently posted…Getting Real About Capsule Wardrobes…As A MomMy Profile

  12. I’m so sorry to hear this. That sounds so difficult. Will definitely pray for your little sweetie.
    Catherine recently posted…Learning Notes–Halloween & beyondMy Profile

  13. Ok, you can do this. Deep breath. My son had to patch for about a year. He was like your little guy… one bad eye, one OK eye. This kid had been reading since he was 4 so when he failed the eye exam on one eye in the pedi’s office I was like, “Whaaaaaaa?” I remember sitting in the optometrist’s office, hoping he would tell me that we could cancel the ophthalmologist’s appointment because this was just some crazy mistake and watching with my jaw on the floor as my son couldn’t read letters on the wall that he had been reading for years! That optometrist just smiled and said, “You’re probably gonna want to keep that appointment.”

    Ok, so patching…Zane was older, about 7, so it might have been a little easier to convince him to do it, but maybe some of these tips will help you. We turned patching into a special time for him. Our ophthalmologist told me to have him do eye heavy activities that would really work that weak eye. I bought dot to dot books, coloring books, board games, even a special video game or two just for him. When he patched, there was pretty much nothing I would let him do. When my girls asked why they didn’t get special stuff, I told them it was because the doctor said we had to do this to help Zane’s eye. They understood, but sometimes I’d let them join in the fun too. I don’t know what your experience with patching has been, if he just doesn’t like it, or if it’s too hard for you to manage it with the other kids, but if you get him patching and doing those eye intensive activities, things he really has to use his eyes for, it will hopefully make the same difference it did for my guy. He improved significantly, something like two levels, or whatever the term is. Now, he still needs glasses, but it’s not an huge prescription and his prescription has held steady, there has been no back sliding. Good luck!
    Charlotte recently posted…All Hallows Party 2014My Profile

  14. Writing from Austria here: have 2 boys (of 4 kids) that have the same issues as your son! Please patch! You can save the weak eye that way!
    It really helps!
    Also, we used Miraflex eyeglasses for our boys starting age 3. They are 100 procent plastic and made in Italy. They can tumble and rough house and the glasses do not break! They can ski, bike and swim and do judo in them too! Good luck! Prayers for you all from Austria….

  15. I’ll be praying by for you and your beautiful family, especially that handsome little man you got there who makes it look like electrical tape is made for glasses and anyone who isn’t rocking the tape needs to reevaluate life. You are so brave. *Hugs*

  16. I didn’t read this post until just now. Poor sweet Zeke! We’ll be praying for him and for you.


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