Present-Day Caveman

Ezekiel is almost 11 months old. He is starting to do some simple sign language. He enjoys crawling all over the house, pulling everything out of drawers and off shelves, and mimicking everything his siblings do. He dances at the mere suggestion of music.

He is adorable. Here’s proof:

His development is so fun to watch. The other day, however, I was struck by how he is more or less like a small, cute, caveman. Since then I have been tallying up in my mind all the ways he reminds me of a caveman.

All of the sudden an image popped into my brain. See, back when I was an outside-of-the-home teacher, I spent a few weeks learning about an awesome teaching tool called Thinking Maps.

So rather than write a lengthy blog comparing Ezekiel to a Caveman, I decided to make a Double Bubble. Its function is basically that of a Venn Diagram, but so much more fun to make.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but just in case: The bubbles in the middle are the traits Zeke shares with a caveman (or rather, my completely generalized, totally unscientific mental image of a caveman). The bubbles on either side are traits specific to that subject, but they do contrast with the bubble directly opposite them.

I apologize that the writing is so small. You can read it more easily by using Ctrl + to make the whole webpage bigger. Better you do that than I spend one more minute trying to fix this image.

Ezekiel: Present-Day Caveman

Feel free to leave a comment or email me about how the heck someone turns a Microsoft Word diagram into a readable image.


  1. I’m dying. I’m now going to make Thinking Maps all night tonight while I can’t sleep because I’m still cracking up over this one.

  2. Thinking Maps are really a great tool. And as you can see, applicable to all aspects of life. Once you learn about them, you will quickly ditch any other diagram/outline style. But hey, that’s the TM Trainer in me.